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Universal RFID

All government issue IDs now carry an radio frequency broadcast. It’s an encrypted broadcast that the police have access to allowing them to identify anybody in range and view all their government registered data (everything from height/weight/eye color to certain tax information and occupation, etc). It is illegal to be in public without carrying this RFID on you. This is true for aliens too who must keep their passports on them in the same manner. While intended only for police use, its basically treated as a low LC equipment acess (the software to access and decrypt it) – and everybody knows even the most secure systems can be hacked.

Each RFID carries a private encryption key as well, which can be shared with other individuals if they chose.

The RFID broadcast has ~100 meters range depending on conditions, does not require LOS (though LOS breakages reduce range). It operates on wireless ISM bands from 2400-2480 MHz @ 100 mW; 20dBm.


It’s important to remember that cyberpunk nanotechnology is relatively low key, mostly biological, and doesn’t defy the laws of physics. Its main uses, from the point of view of adventurers at least, are medical and pharmacological, and “medical nano” is mostly administered in controlled environments. It also explains how much of the setting’s more advanced materials and miniature devices are put together. It can’t reconfigure steel or make diamonds (at least,
not in usefully short times), and nanobots can’t fly through the air under their own power or display any great initiative.


Fossil fuels are nearly completely depleted. Hydrogen fuel cell power plants are replacing them,using renewable energy sources such as solar power to electrolyze water into hydrogen. Solar power stations in orbit beam microwave energy down to the planet. Giant fission reactor installations may be in common use as well.

Extra-World Technology

Terraforming of Mars has recently begun – currently teams are drilling towards the core of the planet, with the goal to set off nuclear weapons to kick-start mars’s molten core so that they can melt the ice caps and rebuild an atmosphere. Water will be imported from Ceres.

A Space Elevator exists at the north pole. It leads to a space station where orbital colonization has begun. Currently 2-3 million people live in “Orbital City”. It is considered a sovereign state but as it was funded by several tier 1 corps, in reality these corps control the city with a puppet government. Population is steadily increasing as modules are added.

World Tech

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