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After the devastation of World War 3 weapons tech progress was slowed as more resources were focused on medical and cybernetic advancements. As a result, much equipment from TL9 is not available. Exceptions are noted here.

TL9 Conventional weapons: Guns (Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, and Gyrocs) are ok with the following changes:

  • Decrase all LC by 1
  • Increase cost by 50%
  • Gyroc LSW is not allowed.
  • 15mm micromissles (the homing ammo) cost is $1000 per round (instead of $50)
  • The 15mm gyroc (gyroc regular ammo) is $5 per round, not per clip
  • APCH, APDS, and APEP ammo is ok
  • EMPs are ok as grenades/mines/charges only
  • TL9 Gases, clouds, foams, and poisons are Ok.
  • Karatands are OK
  • Rocket Strikers are ok on two handed mauls, but not mass produced
  • Superfine blades, monowire blades, monowire whips – all Ok.
  • Vibroblades are OK
  • Electric stun wands are ok
  • Zap Gloves are ok

All other weapons and ammo are still TL8

Weapon Accessories

  • Hud Links exist
  • TL9 Tactical Programs are ok
  • Access control is ok
  • Diagnostic Computer is ok
  • D-tag is ok
  • Tripods and Powered Tripods are ok.
  • Shoulder servomounts are ok, but are larger than in the book (requires a full backpack, so only one can be worn), and costs are increased 50%


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