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Prestige is a measure of your contribution to the unit. You may be granted awards and recognition for going above and beyond the line of duty.

Prestige is a way to earn benefits in game for contributing towards the upkeep and expansion of this wiki page. By writing an article, creating a few items, or keeping a mission log, you can earn a Bennie. A bennie is simply a special fate point. It follows a few different rules:

  • If you’ve earned a bennie, you begin play with full fate points, plus this bennie. It expires at the end of the game.
  • When spending your bennie, you do not pass it to the GM’s pool. Once a bennie is spent, it’s out of the game.

That’s it! You get to spend a fate point at some point during the next game, and don’t give your opposition the opportunity to use it back. This seems small but its really fairly powerful.

Additionally, each game we’ll choose an MVP – a player who stood above the rest with his creative thinking and great role-playing. They earn one bennie as well. This gives them an opportunity to start with two bonus fate points! One for MVP, and one for contributing to the wiki!


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