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Pete Yoshiharu is not what you would expect of a member of the MCU. In actuality, he is a criminal hacker so skilled that he bested MCUs original prospect. He could not stay out of the reaches of the Chief however, who offered him a job instead of jail time. Pete now brings his skills to bear against criminals while trying to keep his need to ignite in check.


Pete Yoshiharu was born November 9, 2012 to his parents Daitaro and Eri Yoshiharu in the city of Naha, Okinawa. His family lived comfortably as his dad was an engineer and his mother was a doctor at a local hospital. His early years were uneventful, scraped knees, school, nothing out of the ordinary for a young kid. He graduated high school at an early age of 9.

‘Some men just like to watch the world burn…’

However, at age eight while walking home with some classmates they passed by the normal abandoned house he was dared to go inside and didn’t want his friends to think of him as a wimp so he went in. Apparently this house had been used as a drug house as there were spoons, needles, lighters, belts all over the place. After sifting through some paraphernalia he picked up a lighter and started playing with it. This was pretty much a cheap knock-off zippo that was over filled and after a few strikes the flame caught it and engulfed the lighter and his hand. He dropped the lighter and waved his hand until the flames went out. Unknowingly he dropped the lighter on some clothes and they quickly started to catch fire and he ran out. When the kids he was with saw him running they ran too. He didn’t run as far as they did as he found a place to watch the house burn down.

Since the day the house burned down he found a new love for fire. He would find random lighters on the street and would play with them. First he started out small, trying to figure out how fire would work and seeing how far he could let it go before it would get out of control. One day while playing with his new toy in the family’s shed he was trying to burn some paper and unknown to him the floor had some gasoline on it and the shed was burning like the house, but a lot quicker.

A year later his family decides move to the newly purchased California and send their bright young boy off to a university. Here he spends most of his time studying and doing various school work he didn’t really have time to burn things. After failing a test he found and abandoned house and set it a blaze. In his mind, nothing mattered but the beautiful flames.

During his time at high school, Pete had a bully. This bully wasn’t hitting him, it was more of an emotional bullying. Pete’s social status, even though he wasn’t really popular, was destroyed by the trending social media craze when he was recorded saying how stupid the teachers at the school were. He tried to forget what happened and just continue on with his studies but this kid would never let him live it down. His father was the Chief of Police at the time and man was his kid a cocky son of a bitch. Any time Pete and him were near by any teachers Tanaka would openly remind everyone of how stupid the teachers were according to pete. They both graduated in the same class and from what Pete heard from rumors and social media Tanaka followed his father’s footsteps and went into the police force. College was what was in store for Pete.

He graduated college at 15, fourth in the graduating class. All of his schooling was finally over, now what? Lounging around for a few months doing absolutely nothing he was checking his bank account and found a way through the system into the mainframe. He made no attacks, no transfers, just learned the system, the security, the flaws. After this, he would push himself to make more entries into various security systems. At first it was child’s play, turning on fire alarms, sprinkler systems, stopping elevators.

At one point he found an alarm buried deep within some files but this wasn’t any alarm, this was an alarm left by a previous hacker to warn them if certain files were touched in any way. He downloaded the code and took it apart to rebuild it, but better. After this he would leave alarms in some of his bigger hacks.

In 2030 at a local net cafe, NueroNet, he was drinking his tea and hacking various systems he received a message from another patron of the cafe. This patron was asking for a secure connection so he dropped all his connections around the net and created a secure environment for the two to talk. The stranger introduces him as Terrence Witherspoon and informs him that he’s currently working on a case and could use Pete’s skills to help tract down another hacking using his abilities to kill people. While Terrance is giving him case details Pete’s hacking into the police and media files to pull up information regarding the criminal, his prior cases, and anything else that may be linked to the case that was currently unknown. After talking it over Pete decides to help him out to bring this guy’s murderous rampage to an end. Just as soon as this meeting is about to end he notices an intrusion detection left by one of his alarms from a previous hack. He terminates the connections with Terrance and unplugs to walk out the door and in one of the back corners he see’s the whites of a man’s eyes watching him leave.

While working on the case a few other alarms went off and when the case was finished he did some research on the alarms to see if he could figure out why they were set off. All of the traces he could find were coming from the NPA (National Police Agency), who at the NPA was looking for him. Now that he didn’t have a caseload on him, he could put all of his effort into researching who at the NPA was looking for him. Didn’t take long but it was an agent named Tanaka Nagano. He was able to break into the NPA’s database to pull up the file on Tanaka to learn more of the man that wants something to do with him. Pete worked a bit harder to leave less of a trace from his adventures in cyberspace.

While at one of the many installments of NueroNet in the city Pete was doing his normal activity of scanning various sites for weaknesses while drinking tea. He was browsing the latest technology sellers and noticed something he had never seen before. Doing what he did best, he found out that the seller was protean and started to do a little bit on research. His findings were pretty normal but he had to disable more traps than usual to find anything about this guy. He kept an eye on the seller and their items for a while making small purchases on random tchotchkes here and there still while doing research on him.

During one night of stock watching and purchasing he decided to give it a break for the night and set off to find something new to break. He found a basic protean store with the normal items for sale but there was something different about this store. He could see some IPs connecting to it and disappearing within milliseconds of showing up to it. He tried his best but after a long session of breaking through firewall after firewall, he gave up the search for the night and passed out. A couple days pass uneventfully and then he receives a message on his data pad with a cryptic message pretty much stating that the one he was looking for the other night was now looking for him and wishes to meet at a secure location. The time and place was set. Pete did what he could to find out about the location but the only information he got was vague and this was getting annoying after a while. After an aggravating search providing no information, he went to the meeting location leaving a crumb trail behind him. The location proved to be secure as he was unable to communicate with any of his devices at home. Soon appeared a protean figure.

This was no normal interrogation, the protean snapped his fingers and Pete could no longer move any part of his body all he could do is think. The protean approached closer and even though he didn’t move he spoke to Pete through his mind. He ran through Pete’s past and his capabilities and during this scan the protean found no intention of maliciousness during the attack on his firewalls. When Pete felt the protean release control of his mind he was also able to blink then move around.

The protean discussed with him a business deal where Pete would help him out by finding reputable scientists who would use protean technology for good. The market had some protean technology Pete had never seen before and when he asked about it the protean would display a video of the uses for the product. Pete soon found out how the deals went down and how expensive the tech was. Pete agreed to help the protean keep the scientists under watch and to make sure their experiments were used for the good of the race. Pete didn’t ask for payment for his services just access to buy any protean technology he may need, the protean agreed to these terms. Only once Pete had to report the use of the sold protean technology being used to kill humans and he reported it to the protean.

Nagano feels jilted at being passed over for Pete

After doing some work for the protean he was able to use his money from his hacking exploits to purchase his house, his bike, and all of the furnishings. Instead of using an alias and using his real name he quickly learned that this set off some flags at the police department. While still in the early stages of home ownership someone came to his door. He opened the door to see an older version of the boy who made his life hell during high school. Tanaka Nagano asked him some basic interview questions about some hacks on the Police Federal Credit Union and the Police Central Data Base. Pete had been there recently keeping tabs on corrupt cops. He played innocent and Nagano left the premises.

Pete looked into Nagano’s past after high school and found out some blacked out files. He had to be less cocky this time so that they wouldn’t show up at his door again. He went to a random NeuroNet inside the city and plugged in. He kept up basic protection against his person and his trail, anyone looking into him he would be alerted immediately. He had to do a lot of digging and found the information in the blacked out file. Looks like having a daddy in high places helps. During an routine murder investigation Nagano had shot and killed a hostage being held by a serial murderer. He was able to incapacitate the murderer but he had to get through the hostage first. The murderer wouldn’t shut up about what happened and when Nagano’s father showed up and killed the loud mouth murderer the files got blacked out. He was able to grab a before and after photo of the victim before his alarms went off. He backed out quickly and walked out casually from NeuroNet.

His personal security left around the net sent him notifications that someone was looking for him. It was someone from the police, someone high up enough to have some advanced security. He left a picture of the victim while she was alive on his trail. After this, who ever was after him intensified the search. Pete let this go on for a few weeks leaving a ton of trails to dead ends. At one point Nagano got real close to Pete’s information so he sent Nagano the photo of the dead victim and a message “I know.”

Nagano backed off and soon after Pete received a communique that the MCU wanted to see him about a job. At this meeting he learned that the MCU was looking into Nagano to join their ranks but when they figured out he was bested by Pete they knew the obvious choice to hire. They let him keep his stocks and investments but he would work solely for them. The pay was laughable but the experience, this is what fueled him. A paid reason to hack.

Pete Yoshiharu

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