The cast of players do not make up the whole team themselves. The MCU operatives hold the spotlight, but they have the help of a support staff and management. This page is dedicated to detailing them.

Spotlight Cast

These NPCs play a major role in the unit. While, perhaps, the unit could function without these individuals, their absence would have a noticeable effect on the team.

Section Chief Katsu

“Chief” Ryoichi Katsu is the Chief of MCU Section 2. He is responsible for managing the team and directing their operations, along with interfacing with the departments superiors.

Commander Nguyen

Jennifer Nguyen aka. “Wraith” is the current commander of the unit. She is a field operative, just like the PCs.

John Cole

John Cole aka. “Hawk” is a pilot and driver for the MCU. While he has a call sign because he is technically a field operative, he is pretty much limited to vehicles because he has no other significant crime-solving or fighting skills.

Support Staff

These nameless individuals keep the gears running, mostly off screen. Their jobs are important, but they are more easily replaced.

These include everybody from lowly janitorial staff (who must still have high clearance to enter the building), to drivers and pilots who can transport during non-threatening situations, to researchers who can gather information or compile databases, to technicians and armorers who maintain the units equipment.


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