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Like the Weapons technology, Defensive Gear technology has progressed slowly since WW3. All technology up to TL8 is still available, but TL9 is as follows:

  • Trenchcoats can be used as cloaks (armored trencoats are considered “heavy”)
  • TL9 exoskeletons, walkers, and powered armor are in early development – a few exist but none are mass produced, consider LC 2
  • Thermo-optic Camoflauge exists. Treat as an Invisibility Cloak (not surface!) from Ultra-Tech, with the following changes:
    • Prices are doubled (cutting edge tech)
    • The movement penalty does not apply if you are only moving 1 space per turn.
    • The movement penalty does apply if the suit is hit by water (it flickers – like in Ghost in the Shell), and there is a 10% chance each time the suit contacts each ounce of water to short out for 3d minutes.
  • TL9 Reflex armor is fine
  • TL9 Assault boots are fine
  • TL9 Rigid body armor is ok
  • TL9 Tacsuits and envriontment suits are ok
  • Tl9 Vacsuits are ok, but not the armored ones
  • TL9 Combat hardsuit is ok
  • TL9 Walkers and powered armor are in early military development. Treat as LC 1
  • Laser-resistant body armor doesn’t exist (cause lasers dont!)
  • Armor without faceplates Ok
  • Biomedical sensors ok
  • Life jacket ok
  • Near miss indicators ok
  • Radiation badge ok
  • Riot shield ok
  • Suit patches ok
  • Trauma maintenance ok except cost is doubled

All other defensive gear is TL8


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