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Cybernetics have become a commonplace commercial product available to the public at large since late in World War 3. All cybernetics are, at minimum, LC3 – registration with the government is required, along with safety courses. This is difficult for the police to enforce due to the number of cyberized individuals and the discretion that some implants inherently possess.

You may purchase cybernetics either by paying the monetary cost or the point cost. Point cost generally means your gear has plot protection – I will not go out of my way to jack with your cybernetics (though certain well informed enemies might!). Those paid with cash are generally going to be a higher risk to being damaged.

“Temporary Disadvantage: Electrical” should be included on most, so don’t forget to add that as it reduces your point cost by 20%! Also, look to maintenance requirements to help reduce cost as well. The more complex something is, the more maintenance it will require. You can also get creative with things like Switchable and other temporary disadvantages. You can buy off the Electrical disadvantage in some cases by making your item “Shielded” or Mechanical in nature. Plastering something with synthskin gives it the “Low Signature” enhancement. Some enhancements may be extreme enough to give you appearance disadvantages such as Unnatural Features.

Cybernetic Mitigators (i.e., replacing a missing eye with a cybernetic one) are a 70% limitation to the appropriate disadvantage. This mitigator includes Electrical (B134), Maintenance (1 Person, Monthly) (B143), and Unhealing (B160) limitations.

See the example below when designing your cybernetics.

Sample Cybernetics.


Brainhacking technology is still in relative infancy. The following changes are made to what’s presented in Gurps Ultra-Tech

  • Biopresence software doesn’t exist
  • Brainwipe machine is in experimental phases, treat as LC0
  • Neural Programmer is in experimental phases, treat as LC0
  • No puppet or personality implants exist
  • Chip slots are state of the art, LC2 and 50% price increase (applies to the chips as well)
  • Destructive brain uploading is in early development, treat as LC0


Biotech is usually favored by the wealthy who prefer to appear more natural. It is much more expensive than cybernetics. Apply the following changes to what is presented in Gurps Biotech:

  • Cloning of sapient beings is illegal (though possible), however replacement body parts can be grown.
  • Human genetic engineering is also illegal (though possible, up to TL9)
  • Vatbrain (biotech 28) do not exist
  • Panimunity nanobots cost is doubled and the technology is new (and rare)
  • Biomods are not usually used due to instability, in favor of cybernetics


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