Current Events

Sunday, Jan 13th, 2036

European Union Commissions Space Fleet

Amid growing concerns over humankind’s ever weakening relationship with several Klixari clans the EU has launched an initiative that would pave the way for a full scale fleet of space-faring vehicles, utilizing the newer K-Class manadrives – now capable of transporting enormous objects through dark space. When asked about the decision, British PM Alfred Jenkin had this to say:

“While other nations are understandably unsettled by this announcement and the military superiority we will posses afterwords we assure that there is no reason to fear. We have no intention to use this fleet against other humans – this is merely for the protection of humankind. All of these warships will be manned with United Nations soldiers.”

While the UN hasn’t responded to the claim many find reassurance that such a major threat is being handled in this matter. Module additions to Orbital City have been ongoing for sometime to handle the construction of these ships – production is expected to begin in early March. For more info turn into 2.0 News Network vidfeed

Link Technologies Acquisition Finalized

Cybernetics engineering titan Integral Technologies has finalized their purchase of Link Technologies. Company CEO Heather Boswell says the moderate sized firm Link Technologies brings a strong team into the fold, specializing in writing complex software that interfaces with cybernetics allowing cyberized individuals to manage them more naturally. More

Fire in Beverly Hills – Foul Play Suspected

City officials announced at a press conference that they believe foul play was involved in the burning of a home in Beverly Hills. The Multimillion Yen home belonged to famed sensie star Tracy Kerrigen. Evidence found at the site links the fire to the Yakuza. They would not comment on possibilities of why Kerrigen would be involved with the Yakuza. More

Current Events

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