Most people would agree that transhumanism started in 1947 when the symbiots first arrived to the world.


The first piece of the contractor puzzle is the symbiots. They arrived in 1947 on a meteor that crashed in Roswell, NM. The United States government attempted to keep them under wraps but was somehow unsuccessful – the reason unknown. In any case, as far as our scientists can tell, they are simply colonies of bacteria. Each colony shares a singular consciousness, though through what means this “hive mind” is created they do not know. They have not yet learned what separates one colony identity from another when the bacteria is mingled, nor do they understand how new colony identities are formed. Their shared consciousness is intelligent and self-aware. They are not [i]terribly[/i] intelligent, but enough to have desires and goals beyond simple survival. They do not have a language that we are aware of – nor any sort of way to manifest sound, but while in a host are able to communicate through direct neural impulses. Many hosts have reported having what they believed to be “Telepathic” communication to the symbiot prior to arranging their contract, but this is likely just the symbiot infesting its host partially before the host was aware.


The symbiots get their name due to the relationship they can form with what appears to be nearly any organism large enough to host it – a relationship that in most cases we refer to as a contract. Inside a host, members of the colony will attach to the brain, while others spread to most other parts of the body. While in the brain, they are able to reprogram a subjects immune system to see them as naturally belonging to the body. Once a symbiot has infected a host it begins to negotiate their contract – the symbiot provides supernatural powers (now known to be manipulation of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in real space. In return, the host generally must make a payment . The payments vary – and are often as odd as the symbiots themselves. Some symbiots seek to experience something they could not experience in their natural forms, while others seek to embarrass their host. Many more payments make much less sense. No matter the individual payment, if the host does not pay soon after using the power the symbiot will begin to inflict fatigue, pain, or worse on the host. We call sentient beings who accept these terms contractors.


Symbiots don’t always seek a sentient or willing target, however. They can overpower weaker willed beings – usually animals, but sometimes humans and sentient aliens as well. These symbiots take control of their hosts actions. We use the term daemon to refer to both the host/symbiot combo and the symbiot perpetrating the act as well. Many daemons are killed on sight, especially if it is a sentient being that is controlled. Sometimes animal daemons are allowed to live if they are not causing harm.


Contractors are required to be registered with the government and take “Responsible Usage” courses similar to psyches, but rarely do they as there is no known means of detecting one unless they make a display of their powers.

Mana Drives

Based on the technology by which the symbiots withdraw energy from dark space, man has created Mana-Drives. These large devices are capable of thrusting a ship into dark space where it can travel at faster than light speeds.


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