Character Journals


To use your character journal simply select the entry number in your journal and write your characters account of the events that have transpired since your last entry. There is no need to write one for every session, in fact only once every 3 sessions will you be eligible for points – but if you want to break it up and write each session that’s fine. The idea is that I always have a good idea of whats going on in your character’s head. To that end, do them in first person.

By keeping these Journal’s updated, I’ll know

  • what’s engaging you as a player
  • what your character believes is going on
  • what your character is interested in
  • what your goals are

This will lead to a better experience for all!

Brock’s JournalMalcolm’s JournalTerrance’s Journal
Pete’s JournalCaleb’s JournalDaiichi’s Journal

Character Journals

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