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Once the best friend and partner to Brock while working as LAPD detectives, Caleb was a happy family man with a beautiful wife and loving daughter. That all changed when Brock was forced to leave Caleb for dead with the Triad. After they reprogrammed his brain to be a mindless assassin, but before they finished all the enhancements to his prosthetic body, Brock managed to rescue Caleb. Though he was programmed to only respond to the Triad’s orders, Caleb somehow responded to Brock as if he was higher authority. Caleb is now working with the MCU, because that is where Brock is – and that is where he will earn the money to finish his body.




Project Valhallah: Day 1

After years of research, we finally have our newest canidate for the Valhallah Project. We have had many failed runs and dead men on our tables, but something about this one feels right. We are going to start tomorrow with some simple surgeries and implants. I am as giddy as a teenager at prom. As head of this project failure isn’t an option. I feel like this may be my last chance before I end up in one those black bags.

Project Valhallah: Day 7

We are a week into reconstructing this tattered individual. I perused his file, a god damn hero cop. One of the prime investigators into my employer at that. Either they have gone bat shit crazy, or are truly desperate. The first implants we did to sustain the subject’s body were a success. His body is taking them well and there are no visible signs of rejection or infection.

Project Valhallah: Day 21

Kasumi Mayu, Project Valhallah Lead Scientist

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last entry. There were a lot big wigs wandering about and I don’t think they would be too pleased with me keeping this journal. We had….an incident, the subject, formerly Caleb Stark, who has been dubbed Dire Wolf for the sake of secrecy, woke up prematurely and nearly snapped the head off of two doctors. The head honcho was even phased. I had two more top notch surgeons here within 6 hours. They are throwing piles of money at this project, and the funds seem limitless. I am kept in the dark about the intent of this endevour and I’m aiming to keep it that way. No need to endanger myself anymore than I already have.

Project Valhallah: Day 28

This week, I was able to get my hands on his helmet. The HUD is amazing! He is going to be able to see in all light spectrums, tactical display, and a slew of other enhancements in his head alone, not to mention all the muscle, limb, and dermal enhancements that are coming up in the next few weeks…….speaking of which, I need to check with the software engineers to make sure they are still on schedule to upload the software to helmet when its time.

Project Valhallah: Day 31

A month into the project and everything is going rather smoothly. The techs brought by the finished helmet today and to my surprise, they added a little flair. The helmet itself retracts into the neck piece, this will give Dire Wolf an opportunity to interact with the public if necessary. Those guys aren’t as big of twits as I originally thought. Also, very exciting news, we successfully implanted the neural jack today. Once the the software is loaded into his HUD and helmet he will be able to download massive amounts of information and will know them as if he has known it his whole life. We are talking anything: fighting styles, weapon information, tactical data, even maps of any given area.

Project Valhallah: 6 months, 15 days

We have grafted most of the exosuit to his body without any sort of incident. These surgeons are top shelf. If anyone else had been in there I’m sure we would have lost him. I am exhausted and starting to see grey hair. Oh my word, I’ll be glad when this is over. I’m sure I will be able to retire after this. Maybe find that husband my mother is always nagging me about.

Project Valhallah: 8 months

The software is finally installed to the helmet and we are giving it a stress test. Its tactical aiming, heads up display, and light spectrum visors are all working as planned. We have also learned the software will also be able assist with decisions based on distance and threat level. Tomorrow it will be fitted and grafted to Dire Wolf’s cranium, but tonight is probably the saddest procedure. Tonight he will lose everything he was. We are going to put blocks in his brain to wipe any trace of him being Caleb Stark. This part of the project is making me question my beliefs about what we have been doing to humans for the sake of this war. The Triad is a souless death machine.

Dire Wolf during a combat mission

Project Valhallah: 8 months, 1 day

I spent the entire night with Caleb, he has no idea who I am, or that I was even there. It gave me time to reflect on all the things I have done to him. This man used to have a family, friends, a whole life before it was taken away from him. He has stern face, but, there is a kindness to it. He was a good man, and now a tool of evil. Tomorrow they will install the helmet, and we will be near completion. He will then be moved down into the lower levels of the complex to start his weapon testing, fighting ability, survivability, and then be cleared to go into the field as necessary. I feel sick to my stomach.

Project Valhallah: 12 months

Well, we did it. Champagne and cigars all around. He passed all of his tests and is a one man army. The Triad threw at least 30 “recruits” at him yesterday, and he didn’t even get a scratch. The modified SMG’s that were given to him made quick work of most, but the last one, felt the cold touch of his Katana. It was indeed a spectacle, one to rival those of the Arena back in Roman times. As he turned and stared on, I saw that on his chest was emblazoned the head of a dire wolf. He was complete, and Caleb Stark no more. Tomorrow is my last day with him, before he goes out into the field. I will make any last tweaks and send him out. I will be his primary liaison on any and all missions. Even his HUD is programmed with my voice. In a way, I feel like we are connected in more ways than anyone could have ever imagined.

Mission 1: Dire Wolf: Assassination

Caleb’s first mission was the assassination of the head of security for one of the rival gangs. He is resting now back in his stasis chamber, and I am uploading his combat logs into the files for review by “The Uppers”, as I like to call ‘em. It’s 3:00 AM and I’m exhausted, I guess I’ll pull out a cot and sleep here tonight…….with Caleb.

Mission 8: Dire Wolf: Kidnapping

They wanted to see Caleb’s stealth and no kill tactics in action. The target was the wife of some politician they wanted leverage on. I was actually impressed, she made it without a scratch, and even though Caleb is built to destroy, he handled her with such gentleness. Even when he turned her over to The Triad, while he still had her subdued, it wasn’t harsh in anyway. Maybe its just following orders to a T, or maybe there is more human in him than I thought. I finished the upload of combat logs already, and I’m heading home. I can’t stay here every night, they may start suspecting something.

Personal Log:

Caleb wasn’t here when I came in this morning, when I asked around, they said they had already sent him on a mission. When I explained that I was to be his liaison for all missions, they only replied, “You are on a need to know basis, and this, you don’t need to know.” I fear they are testing him only with his HUD and the possibility of no longer needing a human liaison. I don’t think I am will be working on this project much longer, or breathing if what my gut is telling me. I’ll need to contact Mr. Chesterson. It’s now or never.

Personal Log:

Caleb, I am loading this just for you, you will not understand it in any shape, way, or form, but my name is Kasumi Mayu. I have been your caretaker and liason. I am burying this deep in the recesses of your data banks. I am sending your old partner to retrieve you and free you from this. I am leaving tonight, and I don’t know if I will ever see you again. I may try to contact you later down the road. Its possible to remove the neural blocks in your brain to restore who you are, but only I have the fail safe for them. I’m sorry it must be this way for now. We will be together again soon……I love you.

Note: For more information about Caleb’s past, see Brock’s backstory.

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