Kasumi Mayu

Head Scientist of Project Valhallah, MCU Neuro/Cyber Specialist


Kasumi Mayu was the head of Project Valhallah, the Triad’s experiment to create Dire Wolf (aka Caleb Stark). She grew fond of Stark and eventually tipped of Brock Chesterson to what was going on. Whether she is still alive – and where she may be if she is – is currently unknown.

Update 1-17-2036

It is now known that Kasumi Mayu is still alive, as she was spotted in surveillance footage from Link Technologies Tower the day of the attack. She left an encoded message for Caleb to meet him at a nondescript address in South Park.


Kasumi has been captured, but her charges are being dropped for her cooperation in restoring Dire Wolf to full operational status.

Kasumi Mayu

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