Jane Ackerman


Case File:

Jane Ackerman. Banking Loan officer. Swiss Immigrant.

Found Jan 9th around 8pm.

Time of Death placed at around midnight the night before.

Found in her bed. She had been stabbed 37 times. Wound sizes consistent with the first victim.

Cause of death: blood loss.

No murder weapon located.

She no call no showed to work – at National Japan Development Bank. Her concerned friend went to check on her, found her, notified authorities.

She was dressed in lingerie, but there was no evidence of anyone else being in the apartment (in Eagle Rock) recently. Security cameras went back several days and saw no one else leave or enter the house.

Her friend reported that when she arrived, the door was locked – she had a spare key which she used to open it. The lights were off, a monitor was on and tuned to a 2.0 news station.

The bed was covered in blood, the sheets and mattress were distressed and cut so it looks like the struggle took place right there.


Jane Ackerman

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