"Chief" Ryoichi Katsu

Chief of MCU Section 2


Section Chief Katsu is a stern and shrewd, but loyal man of 48 years. He started his career as a regular beat officer in Matsumoto, in the Nagano prefecture. From there he became a detective and eventually moved into the SAT. He was a member of the experimental MCU which is now reorganized into MCU Section 1. He brings with him a wealth of experience and connections in the political world to help shelter MCU from criticism of the Prime Minister who is reluctant to allow a small group nearly unlimited authority as the MCU has without public criticism. He has limited cybernetic enhancements, notably his arms. Because he distastes the appearance of synth-skin he always wears his signature white gloves – much to the discomfort of those whom meet his disapproving glare.


"Chief" Ryoichi Katsu

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