Johnny Chang

aka Basilisk


Formerly Johnny Chang, Basilisk is the epitome of modern technology. His body was recovered by former Project Valhalla scientists immediately after he was killed by Brock Chesterson. The wound was horrific considering the size of the round used, however because Brock is fairly tall, and Chang was short and on his knees, the shooting angle took the bullet through his jaw and throat. Enough to kill the man, for sure, but his brain was left in tact – and that is what they needed to rebuild him. They immediately began rigging him to life support systems to keep the brain alive, and thus Project Valhalla continued with it’s next subject, code name BASILISK – the second successful unit.

Basilisk was killed when he and a team attacked Gregory Bachman. While escaping, Terrence Witherspoon and Daiichi Chang engaged him, and eventually killed him.


Johnny Chang

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