Malcolm's Journal - Entry 1


Malcolm ponders the lives he’s taken and the motivations of the enemy.

Jan 17th, 2036

The first day out with my new life has been an exciting and thrilling but also a terrible and devastating day. Not really even a whole day – just the first night on the “job”. My hands are now covered in blood for I’ve killed several men today and I have to wonder what lesson I’m supposed to take from this. My life to this point has been a fairly peaceful one, the only killings before have been through my disciplines, simulations if you will for the mind to prepare me for this. The path I’ve chosen is a harsh one but I don’t regret it. The only thing is that I have to wonder if I’m killing for the right side. The doctrine of this terrorist group speaks to me. I can understand protecting the weak and that being a responsibility of those with power, I can understand taking drastic measures to accomplish great things, and I can understand being weak and finding out you can be so much more. What I am having problems with is the fixation on money being the way out, being the “power” and the measures they’re taking. How will killing the wealthy change anything? Will their deaths make a difference? And if the balance tips how will the new tyrant be better than the old?

Well, enough of these distractions. I have my own goals and I will focus on my beliefs for now and we’ll see how things are run on a deeper level with the terrorist later as we get more information. Learn, Grow, Expand.

This is Malcolm’s first Journal Entry.

* Malcolm earned 1 XP


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