The First Day - Investigation


With the events of the night over, the team stays to investigate the crime scene and look for clues that may lead them to the mastermind of this heinous attack…

Security Cameras

Though the security cameras were all destroyed, Pete Yoshiharu had a hunch to check the cameras. He assumed that anybody worth investigating would be using fake ID’s, so he wanted to run them through the sihlouette server. Because it would be a pain to configure a good encryption on the data back to the MCU headquarters, he decided to run the query through Caleb’s internal computer since its already encrypted. Going back a week in the system there were two people that showed up that shouldn’t have been.

One was the man who called himself David Jonathan Hanks, came in dressed as a worker, scanned an ID at the entrance that validated. Following his progress through the building, it was clear he was just scouting. This occured 4 seperate days prior to the attack.

The other, Pete didn’t recognize at all – it was Caleb that recognized Kasumi Mayu.

She as well scanned an ID and was granted access to the building. Her route was much more deliberate – she went to one computer, connected a portable computer, disconnected it and promptly left.

Caleb took the image from the feed and compiled a 3-D rendering of it fairly easily. He was able to run it through comparisons with traffic cameras and there have been many sightings of her in the South Park area, however he was unable to locate any specific places she visited often. Perhaps someone with more experience would be able to pin down some locations to investigate.

Kasumi Mayu

Pete looks into the computer that Kasumi was using. You find that she copied all information regarding Hyperspectral Imaging Software that the company was working on. Its a piece of software that helps cyberized individuals make more sense of video input from multiple simultaneous light spectrums.

She left behind a single file. Most of it is encrypted, but there is a message, “For Stark.” When loaded into his system, it automatically decrypts the remainder of the message. “Come and find me, here is my address.” and lists an address in the South Park area.

Forensics and Background Checks

Daiichi spent the day collecting bullet casings, calculating trajectories, and analyizing blood splatters. This data, coolated with the video footage from the unit’s TacComms, should make convictions of the goons fairly simple.

Malcolm, upon investigation into the goons, discovered that most of them have known ties to the Triad – though none were formal members as far as you are able to determine.

John Escapes

Unfortunately, one of the assailants never made it to custody. “John” was being transported by ambulance to a high security wing of a local hospital specifically for patients under police care, but the ambulance never made it – it crashed a mile or so away from the hospital.

When police arrived at the scene, the EMTs were dead, however “John’s” body was not found. Jennifer Nguyen has already had the Cheif issue a warrant for his arrest and police are activly searching for him.

Pete checked the cameras around the site of the crash and found that he left in an ambulance, with two EMTs and two police officers. The EMT appeared to be driving normally, sirens active, when it suddenly began to rock back and forth as if there was a struggle. It suddenly veered off course and crashed into the ground. The rear doors flung open with tremendous force, and John walked out with what appears to be minor injuries. He held what looked like a knife to someone (although you’re sure that he had no weapons on him when he was interred, and they are not standard issue for police, nor should there be any that size in an ambulance), took there cell phone and made a call. The receiving phone had some high level security on it, so you’re unable to see where the call was made too. The encryption is strong but not complicated – you can write a program to break it, it will just take a few days to brute force. The only thing you can currently see is that it went through a cell tower near the airport.

Jennifer will check out the autopsy of the people killed in the crash.

The Outside Contact

One other lead was found. The man who was sitting at the window upstairs was using a line of sight communicator. Daiichi traced that back to the source, and found it in an empty room in an apartment building. The only object in the room was the other end of the receiver, and it had only a single finger print on it – one that matched Caleb Stark’s thumb print.

Video surveilance of the building is unable to determine when anybody entered or left this room.

Malcolm Suspects Eric Page

Malcolm suspects that Eric Page may have had a hand in the attack. He doesn’t want to tip him off that he’s a suspect, however, so he’s suggesting that surveillance be put on him under the pretense of “for his protection” while you do research to see if he has any connections to other leads. Pete begins setting up some surveillance on him.

Psychic Interrogation

Terrance drills the 11 in custody with questions, while probing their mind for the truth even as some lie to his face.

The meat of his interrogation is that he learns that all of these soldiers (henceforth referred to as “Goons”) were underpaid and held tenuous connections to the Triad. None of them had any idea about Noblesse Oblige (the ones who did the “paint job” were all killed in the storm of the 8th floor.)

They did give up a safe house that they were to use. It was likely abandoned with the Triad learned that their goons were captured, but there may be some clues left behind.

His conclusion is that the Goons were from the Triad, but not full members. They were likely sent as fodder with no intention from their employer that they would return.

Connection to the Triad

Pete investigates the Triad safe house that the goons gave up. You are surprised to see that it doesn’t look like the attack has put them in panic. Its a run of the mill chinese restraunt, but even at first glance you can see a well to do chinese woman with two body guards going into the building. If you look over the last several days, this is the normal time she arrives each day. One of the body guards is tagged by your Silhouette as being a known member of the Triad, early released from prison on good behaivior for attempted murder.

Connection between the Murdered

Terrance looked into the connections between those who were killed. There was nothing that one wouldn’t expect between people of their station. He comes to the conclusion they were killed more for what they represent then who they individually are.

Brock Observes the Team

Brock arrives on the scene. His skills are more useful for dealing with people, so he decides to just watch the team and evaluate their activities for the day.

The investigation was just a ton of dependent skill checks really so I decided to simply do it as a metagame via facebook posts. This was the result. Everybody was awarded XP based on their contribution.

* Brock earned 1 CP.
* Daiichi earned 2 CP.
* Terrance earned 4 CP.
* Malcolm earned 2 CP.
* Caleb earned 1 CP.
* Pete earned 4 CP.

Unfortunately, Petes player has since had a baby and probably won’t be rejoining us. He’ll stay on as an NPC unless he becomes available again somehow.


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