Daiichi Journal 1


Daiichi discovers a new power and muses on his new job.

I stopped eating 3 days ago. In fact I can’t really remember the last time I was hungry. I know I eat or have in the past but I think this is just one more way of this stupid alien to strip away my humanity. Now instead of eating I get compulsions to stab myself with a fork every few hours.

So I began working with this guy Terrance. I know we are all supposed to bring something to the table and he is supposed to be some kind of psyche but i have not actually seen him do anything. Correction, I saw him get shot and if it was not for me I am sure he would have died. Well, in his defense I got shot as well but I did it on purpose.

So this is the second crime scene that I have worked on since I began this MCU job and i don’t really see the point. After all we are the ones that shot them. I think they might just have me working these scenes to keep me busy and I think I am going to let them. The office is boring but I still don’t want to go outside. I am not a fan of the idea of being milked like a cow for the rest of my long life. Or worse experimented on. I will keep doing this as long as they can keep me safe. Well as safe as jumping in front of people that are shooting at me can be.

This was Daiichi’s first Journal
* Daiichi earned 1 XP


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