An Old Friend

Game 2 - 9/22/12

The team splits to attempt to shake down a Triad leader for information and arrest Kasumi Mayu on suspicion of involvement.

A quick morning debriefing split the team up – Nguyen, Crowe, and Stark were to go arrest Kasumi Mayu while Brock, Daiichi, and Terrance were sent to Fat Panda, a restaurant some of the interrogated terrorists had given up as a safe house for the Triad. Pete was to stay behind and coordinate the groups from the office, assisting with technical issues remotely.

When Jennifer, Malcolm, and Caleb arrived at the apartment – after a short debacle at the entrance, as the security guard was reluctant to let them in until Caleb flashed his ID, they headed up to the apartment. Jennifer scouted it in her wraith form before letting the others in – it was empty. The three looked around the apartment – which appeared as more of an office than a home – finding bits of information related to neuroscience. Oddly enough, there were even medical documents on Caleb himself laying around.

After a quick look, Jennifer excused herself to the bathroom, and the others could hear her crying. While Caleb ignored it, Malcom went to speak with her. In the short conversation she revealed the nature of her contractor remuneration – it requires her to cry – specifically from feeling sorrow.

They decided to simply wait in the apartment for Kasumi to return.

Meanwhile, at the Fat Panda, things were going a little bit differently. After sitting and eating some breakfast, Brock and Terrance appearing very out of place in China Town (and Brock having great difficulty trying to order), they are invited upstairs. Terrance and Daiichi head up, leaving Brock downstairs, they meet Fu Chang. She neither confirms no denies her ties to the Triad, though that isn’t what the group was really after. They learn that she has no information about the terrorists being told to come here if they escaped the tower. They harass her for a short while longer, and she reveals that she is the sister of the late Johnny Chang – and further reveals that he’s not quite dead. Instead, he’s been rebuilt in the same way that Caleb was – and now goes by the moniker “Basilisk”. She reveals that thinks there is someone who might know about the attack though. Terrance, who was inside her head, managed to get a couple images of a man before she started forcing herself to think about other things (he had already demonstrated his psyche powers to her earlier). Obviously afraid of giving up information on this guy, she lashes out and orders her guards to attack. The two trained men take Terrance and Daiichi down in a split second – Terrance getting to within an inch of death.

Terrance literally was 1 hit point from making a HT check for death after a single burst from one guard’s pistol. Just for fun, he rolled an HT check to see if he would have passed – and he wouldn’t have! Close call!
Fortunately, they were not aware of Daiichi’s powers. As his blood spilled all over Terrance, it began its healing work right away. Brock, hearing the gunshots from upstairs. He heard the two guards run to the stairs knowing that he was down there and would have to expose himself to get a shot on them. Instead, he simply started blind firing through the walls – he was much taller than the throngs of people running to the door, so while it was difficult, he shot until he heard the two of them slump down. Terrance and Daiichi, still hurting but still healing, came out to find the two guards dead, and Fu surrendered and allowed them to arrest her.

Back at Kasumi’s place, she arrived home. She smiled when she saw them waiting for her, and volunteered herself for arrest. There was some dialogue in the van on the way back, and Kasumi explained that she had been trying to find Caleb because she wanted to help repair the damage she had done. She explained that the reason she was at the tower on the day of the attack was to retrieve some cybernetics programming – Hyperspectral Vision Processing software. Upon inspecting what she retrieved, she discovered that it was basically her code that she had written for the Triad. While the group was contemplating the ties between the Triad and Link Technologies they got the call from Pete about the fight that had broken out in China town and that they were instructed to go help get that scene secured.

With Kasumi still in custody, they went to the scene of the gun fight at the Fat Panda. There, Brock chewed Terrance out for not following his orders, and they all returned to base. The chief asked to speak with Kasumi, while Jennifer took the rest to the morgue where autopsies had performed on the ambulance flyers that John had killed. Inspecting the bodies, one was killed by blunt trauma, while the other was stabbed with a silver blade. Some quick pilfering through his wallet showed he wore a silver necklace – so the party came to the conclusion that it was possible that John was a contractor who could manipulate metal.

Somewhere around here Malcolm had a conversation with Daiichi about his contract as well, though I couldn’t hear everything they discussed.

When they returned to base, they learned that Kasumi would be acquitted of charges and would be working for the MCU now, and restoring Caleb to full functionality would be her primary role. The Cheif then spoke privately with Brock, where he discussed his relation to Nakamura and his request. The chief agreed to assist if the man had not hurt anybody, as the potential information from Nakamura could very valuable. He would not allow him to go free if he had harmed anybody, however. Tech forensics hadn’t yet given him the enemy TacCom report, so he didn’t know the status of this yet.

Everybody earned 3 XP by default for this game.
* Brock earned 1 bonus XP for being voted MVP


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