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Due to the expensiveness of Vertol, land vehicles are still in wide use. Power sources have been updated, but in most ways they are much like their TL8 counterparts. Apply the following changes to the technology presented in Ultra-Tech:

  • Hovercarts don’t exist
  • No self driving vehicles
  • No super airships
  • No “smart cars”

Vehicle Ownership

Vehicles may be purchased outright or financed. If financed, add 7% interest. Payment plans may continue up to 6 years.


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
The Chevrolet Corvette Z03 is a design created independently from Chevrolet by Ugur Sahin Design, a company setup by Axel van Mourik and Ugur Sahin and based in the Netherlands. The Z03 is based on the platform of the Z06 Corvette but with three different engine options ranging from 500 to 750 horsepower. The stylish body of the Z03 is formed from carbon fibre which results in a total weight saving of 50kgs over the standard Z06. $21,500

Ferrari F250
The F250 has been designed as a lightweight, entry level Ferrari. Reviving the long dead Ferrari Dino model, however the name is derived from the Ferrari 250 GTO. The power for the sports car comes from a mid-mounted 2.5 litre V6 engine running on bio-fuel. $80,000

Jeep Renegade
The Renegade is powered by a new electric drivetrain which Chrysler put in two other concepts shown at Detroit. The system is called ENVI, and in the Renegade it comprises of two 268 horsepower electric motors (one on each axle) powered by lithium ion batteries. This is backed up by a Bluetec bio-diesel engine giving a combined mpg of 110 miles when used with the electric motors. $24,000

Lotus Europa i6
The Europa i6 is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive sports car inspired in terms of design by the classic Europa and Elite as well as by the latest Lotus models. The Europa i6 weighs in at about 2,030 lbs (920 kg) with power coming from a 2.0-liter supercharged inline six-cylinder engine. In theory, he says that the sports car would sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62mph) in 7 seconds and on to a top speed of 165 mph or 265 km/h. $29,000

Nissan Qazana
The Nissan Qazana, a small crossover, was inspired by dune buggies and four-wheelers, and is meant to challenge design tradition while being an intelligent, fun car to drive. Motorcycles were the inspiration for the inside of the Qazana, as is especially apparent in the center console. The large, central touch screen display almost appears to be growing from the red dash. The seats are cantilevered from the center of the vehicle to create a sense of openness. $19,000

Renault Nepta
Renault introduces its new car, Nepta, a four-seater luxury cabriolet featuring sleek, thoroughbred looks. Nepta’s low-slung lines express elegance and movement, while its spacious, comfortable interior has all the hallmarks of a top-end model with performance worthy of a prestige touring car from its 420hp twin-turbo V6 engine. $42,000

BMW Mistral
Alcohol-burning engine, capacity 2, top speed 144 mph, cost: $19,500.

Honda-Renault Adagio
Electric power plant, capacity 4, top speed 50 mph, cost: $9,000.

NorthAm Motors Pursuit Vehicle, Mark II:
Gasoline-burning engine, capacity 4, top speed 160, cost: $32,750 plus accessories. Equipped with front-firing twin Assault Chainguns, solid tires.


BMW Blitzen
A high-performance combat bike from the creators of the motorcycle, the Blitzen is widely used in combat bike competitions around the globe. Seen as the ultimate in design, speed and handling, the Blitzen is the bike of the corporate elite – and those who want to pretend they are.

P&P: 70-kW ceramic engine (turbo/super charger, short term access), 50-kW blueprinted wheeled drivetrain (+10% blueprinting; short term access).

Fuel: 6 gal self-sealing ultralight fuel tank (fire modifier -1), 3 gal gasoline (fire 11).

Occ: cycle crew station Cargo:

Armor F RL B T U Body 3/10 2/3 3/10 0/0 2/3 Wheels 3/10 2/3 3/10 0/0 2/3

Statistics Size: [LxWxH] 6.99’x1.75’x0.874’ Payload: 218 lbs. Lwt.: 560 lbs. Volume: 10.7 cf Maint.: 210 hours (0.456 mh/day) Price: $9,032

HT: 12 HP: 45 [Body], 9 each [2xWheels].

Wheeled Ground Performance: Speed Factor 18, Top Speed 250 mph, gAccel 11 mph/s, gDecel 20 mph/s, gMR 2.25, gSR 3, Ground Pressure 4,659 lbs./sf, Off Road Speed 40 mph.

BMW Vantage
A retro-styled recumbant the BMW Vantage features a pioneering horizontal front suspension fork that minimizes stress during high speed cornering.

P&P: 30-kW fuel cell (short term access), 25-kW wheeled drivetrain (short term access).

Fuel: 6 gal standard fuel tank (fire modifier -2), 6 gal hydrogen-oxygen (fire 13).

Occ: cycle crew station Cargo:

Armor F RL B T U Body 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 Wheels 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5

Statistics Size: [LxWxH] 6.99’x1.75’x0.874’ Payload: 213 lbs. Lwt.: 581 lbs. Volume: 10.7 cf Maint.: 283 hours (0.339 mh/day) Price: $4,997

HT: 12 HP: 45 [Body], 9 each [2xWheels].

Wheeled Ground Performance: Speed Factor 18, Top Speed 165 mph, gAccel 7 mph/s, gDecel 15 mph/s, gMR 2, gSR 3, Ground Pressure 4,830 lbs./sf, Off Road Speed 30 mph.

Design Notes: TL9 medium frame standard materials [Vehicle]. TL9 DR 5 expensive metal [Vehicle]. Payload Cost: $0.6 Vehicle Features: electronic controls, no streamlining. Wheels: quantity 2, standard, improved suspension, improved brakes, puncture resistant. Volume: 9.7 cf [Body], 0.97 cf [Wheels]. Area: 30 sf [Body], 6 sf [Wheels].

Ferris Motors Fenrir MK II
The MK II Fenrir Combat Bike is usabile in snow, grass, cement, wood, etc. They are usually used in squads or for wilderness search and rescue missions because of its two-seat capability. It is normally equiped with 2 7.62mm machine guns and retractable slots for weapons. Any weapon can fit in these slots. It has a hybird engine that is already fuel efficient so it can run on one tank of fuel for a long time. $21,000


Vehicles Top Speed Crew Pass Cargo Payload Loaded Weight Cost Notes
McDonnell-Douglas AV-4 380 mph 2 6 2,800lbs 4,400 lbs. 7,006 lbs. $423,840 1
AV-4 Air Ambulance 340 mph 2 3 + 1 3,500 lbs. 8,883 lbs. $297,990 2
AV-6 Combat Assault Aerodyne 455 mph 2 10 5,560 lbs. 2,800 lbs 11,339 lbs. $902,913 1
AV-7 Personal Aerodyne 250 1 1 440 lbs. 1
AV-3 Aerocop 350 mph/150 mph 2 3 1,430 lbs. 2,450 lbs 4,576 lbs. $1,387,090 3
AV-8 Assault Aerodyne 495 mph 2 0 none 12,253 lbs. $35,202,460
AV-9 Multi-Role Aerodyne 405 mph 2 2 No Space 1,498 lbs. 13,094 lbs. $13,242,801 4
AV-11 Combat Aerodyne 400 2 9 none
Militech AVX-9C Viper 540 2 0 none
The Mach 825 mph 1 1 No Space 400 lbs 1,211 lbs. $34,065,700
The Swan 760 mph 1 2 612 lbs. 2,012 lbs. $1,137,920
MacLaren/Jaguar Sports Aerodyne 810 1 1 1,430 lbs
MVT-24 Kingfisher 415 mph 2 0 external cradle 200,000lbs. 410 lbs. 295,834 lbs. $221,691,090 1

1 Base Model: Numerous variants exist, only the base model is provided here
2 Cargo space is taken up by medical gear
3 air and ground mobile
4 Vehicle has a modular design, base vehicle plus external pod


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