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The Major Crimes Unit administration does its best to ensure that you have any equipment you require to perform you duties, however they are not field specialists such as yourself. If you need any further equipment, please submit a Requisitions Form (R-1022) with your section Chief.


You are assumed to have the basic gear to perform your tasks as needed, unless they are specifically cumbersome pieces of equipment. For example, if you have the Shoot skill, you have a pistol to shoot with. You’re given access to basic police cruisers and air cars for Drive and Pilot, etc.

You may also choose to take special gear, as well. This is represented by taking ranks in the Requisitions Skill. Each rank in this skill gives 3 requisition points that you can use to make advanced requisitions. The cost of an item is a factor of its features.



Each level of armor costs 2 requisition. Personal armor has a maximum of 3. Vehicular armor has a maximum of 8.


Each level of damage costs 1 requisition. Personal weapons have a maximum of 4. Vehicular weapons have a maximum of 10.


Each Aspect the item possesses is one requisition.


Gives a +2 bonus to a specific skill when using the item. This costs 3 requisition.


Allows for an exception to a standard rule. For example, targeting everybody in a zone, attacking beyond a number of zones, or substituting one skill check for another. This costs 2 requisition


There is more than one device. Each instance of this feature doubles the number of items represented. Regardless of how many items that are selected they are all exactly the same. If you want different items then purchase them separately.


The item can take some damage. Each Advance spent gives the item a point of stress. A maximum of 2 stress is available. A third level can be purchased to give the item a mild consequence. While stress is individual, consequences are shared among Numerous devices. Each level costs 1 requisition. If an item is “taken out” it may require long term repairs or be utterly destroyed. If destroyed, the points used to requisition the item are refunded.


The item has a skill of its own – a dedicated Firewall VI, gun turret, etc. At first level it as +1. At level 2, it gains +2 to one skill and +1 to a second. At level 3, it has +3 to one skill, +2 to a second, and +1 to a third. Each rank costs 1 requisition.



Bulky items inhibit your ability to sneak, hide, or perform difficult athletics. It is a special aspect that when compelled imposes a penalty to any rolls where the size, weight, or shape of the item may pose a problem. Each level of Bulk increases this penalty by 1 and reduces the requisition cost by 1.


The item costs a fate point to use each time. This reduces the cost by 2 requisition.


A demanding device requires that you spend a specific amount of time or effort before they can be used. This can represent giving orders or setting up a complex piece of equipment. After the requirement has been met, the ally functions for the remainder of the scene.

Demanding devices reduce the requisition cost by 1 if they require a single action or skill roll at Fair ( +2 ) to use, or 2 if they require an entire scene, a skill roll at Great ( +4 ) or both a single action and a skill roll at Fair ( +2 ).


A limited device can only be used once per scene or session. If once per scene, reduce requisition cost by 1; if once per session, reduce by 2.


This item gives the user a Troubling aspect. For example, an experimental piece of tech may place an aspect “Hunted by Armatech Industries”. This is worth 1 point of reduced requisition cost.

The Takashi App-3

The App-3 is a pistol designed for personal defense. It’s bulky size makes it difficult to hide – but that’s what it was aiming for, hoping to help scare away would be attackers before a confrontation even begins. The majority of the bulk is an older-style Superior Marksman smart-link that feeds targeting information to the user’s HUD. It uses standard 0.38 projectile ammunition.


Bulk: 1
Focus: Shoot
Cost: 2


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