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“Ever growing. Ever learning. Ever expanding. For the Khala. For Aiur."

Protean Template (47)

IQ: 12 (40)
Extended Lifespan 1 (2)
Infravision (0)
Telecommunication (Telesend) (30)
Cannot Speak (-25)

The Proteans are so called because of the fact that they were the first race to discover faster than light travel. Their drive systems work by utilizing their racial psionic energy and doing what they refer to as “Mass Warps” – The vessel is literally dissipated and reassembled at their chosen destination. It is the fastest known method of travel but only the Proteans have enough psychic power to achieve it.

Protean society is made of Castes.

Royalty – These are the monarchs of their society.

Archons – All proteans who possess psionic powers beyond their racial telepathy are brought up as Archons.

Templars – High Ranking Clergy – They serve the Royal Caste and are considered equals to the Archons.

Dragoons – Soliders who serve the Archons.

Zealots – Soldiers who serve the Templars.

Unclassed – All other Protean citizens are known as unclassed.

Biology: Proteans have male and females, and mate via intercourse. The female carries the child for a gestation period of about 11 earth months. The child is born with full telesend capabilities, allowing it to immediately communicate with its parents.

Childhood: All proteans of all classes attend public schooling systems from the age of 1 PPY (Protean Prime Year – roughly equivilant to 16 months of earth time). Within the first 3 PPYs of their life a caste is determined. The child is then removed from their natural parents (who remain in the child’s life but are no longer responsible for his well being) and placed in a specialized school for his caste.

Anybody who does not show an affinity for a caste by 3 PPYs is Unclassed and will remain so the rest of their lives. The exception to this is Archons – who are always admitted even if their powers do not manifest until a later age.

Religion: The Proteans as a whole are a very religious species. They believe that by following certain virtues they can reach Ascension upon death – to no longer be a being of matter but one of pure energy.


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