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This section outlines the criteria for entering a new user into my database. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Check the Fate Core SRD for help coming up with your characters aspects. In Zeroed, we use a standard High Concept, Trouble, and Aspects 1-3. Since we already created characters we won’t do the Phase trio, instead just look at your back story to find 3 fitting Aspects.


Starting skills are selected on a (+4) pyramid – this gives you training in 10 skills. You choose one skill at +4, 2 at +3, and so on. After play begins, the “Pyramid” structure doesn’t need to remain – but “Columns” do – you cannot raise a skill to a higher level without one “underneath” it to support it. I.e. you can’t have 2 skills at +4 unless you already have 2 (different) skills at +3.

Also, +5 is the normal human maximum. To raise a skill beyond +5 is only possible with Cybernetic enhancement. Requisitions is exempt from this restriction.

Power Level

You are all experts in your field, an meticulously assembled elite squad. As such your Power Level represents that – while still leaving room to grow.

You begin play with a Great skill pyramid – 4 skills at Average, 3 at Fair, 2 at Good, and 1 at Great.

You’ll have 4 starting refresh and 2 free stunts. In addition, we’ve reached 1 significant milestone at the time of conversion, so you gain one skill point.

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