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The Major Crimes Unit

Your department, officially known as the “Major Crimes Unit”, is a part of the Public Security Intelligence Agency which reports to the Ministry of Justice. Your department is a secret to the public at large, and only the Director-General, his superior (the Minister of Justice), and the Prime Minister carry authority above your Chief. The unit specializes in discreet dealings with the threats of the modern age – illegal body and brain modification, cyberterrorism, autonomous machines, psis, and contractors. While the units main function is investigation of crimes related to or involving these matters, they may also be called in by their superiors in response to live events if their expertise would be helpful, or for investigations which are too difficult or far reaching for other organizations, which also makes the unit partially a counter-terrorism and anti-crime unit. There are two branches to your department, the first is headquartered in Tokyo, and yours is headquartered in Los Angeles. Your have authority to carry investigations anywhere you need to, but they are assigned based on locations.

Members of the units name, rank, age, gender, personal information, etc are all classified to anybody outside the unit, with the exception of the PSIA director-general and the Minister of Justice. Everybody is given an “Alternate Identity” of sorts, in that you have a cover job working for a private security firm.

A man walks into a bar. Bartender asks if he’d like to order a drink. Man says “Sure, I’ll have a scotch on the rocks.” Bartender pours him a drink, says to him – “You don’t look so hot, man, you ok?” Man says, “Actually, I’m quite hot, you want to see?” Bartender says, “I don’t swing that way buddy.” Man says, “I think I’ll show you anyway.”, then he bursts into flames so hot that the bar and everybody in it is burned alive.

That’s the kind of crime we have to deal with today. There’s no murder weapon, the man has a symbiont. That’s the kind of cases we handle. We go after the weirdos. The dangerous ones. I can’t say its an easy line of work – my life’s on the line every day, and I don’t even get paid that much. But I’d rather be on this side of the law than that man’s. I got a wife, and kids. What if she was at that bar, meeting a friend? What if he does that in a school? I can make a difference here.

Yeah, there’s millions of people in this city, what difference can one man make? Forget that pessimistic outlook. That man can make fifty differences in a matter of seconds, so if we catch him, how many lives did I save over the next few years? That’s a big damn difference in my book. That’s the kind of sicko I go after day after day. Week after week. Year after year, as long as I can. To me, that’s worth making a little less than I would at Tonkatsu, protecting “corporate interests”.

Me, and my team. Making the world a better place…at least a little.

—Vincent O’Haire, MCU assault specialist


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