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I have compiled a list of major historical events that you may be unaware of. Please see the subjects below.

World War 3 (1983-1984)

When NATO conducted an exercise in Sept. of 1983, Soviet launch detection systems malfunctioned and reported five nuclear strikes. The USSR immediately began retaliation before realizing the error – and the Cold War went very hot. The resulting war reshaped Eastern and Western Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and much of Africa. While nuclear strikes were primarily tactical in nature, several major cities did see strikes as well. The aftermath of the war left China fractured, Germany and Korea united, the United Nations dissolved in favor of more useful regional coalitions, and a multitude of other geo-political changes occurred. In addition, nuclear autumn changed the climate of the planet for over a decade. For additional research, I suggest you read here. Post war economic and food-related issues spurred a massive push in technological advancement, laying the foundation of much of the bio-engineering and cybernetics used today.

Decade of Cold (1984-1993)

The aftermath of World War 3 brought about a nuclear autumn, also known as “The Cold Years” or “The Decade of Cold” to modern historians. Colder longer winters bring about famine through much of the third world and China. The cold period lasts 10 years, with its main impact in the 1984-1986 period. Normal pre-war average temperatures are recovered only in 1993: This decade provokes extensive changes in mentality, causes political turmoil and boosts important sectors of science.

During this time the United Nations is dissolved in favor of more effective regional leaderships. Several of the soviet breakaways form their own republics. Germany is reunified. Italy falls to civil war, but eventually forms 3 separate nations in one republic. Spain fractures into Spain, Catalunya, and Basque which stay together in a loose confederation. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland become independent states recognized by the commonwealth. In France, Corse becomes an independent nation and Provence remains under the French banner but is granted full autonomy. The Flemesh north of Belgium secedes as well, and the Antwerp government is also internationally recognized. Turkestan and Tibet retain independence. Moldova and Rumania merge. Solvakia splits from the Czech Republic. After a year of deliberation middle eastern borders are redrawn a bit. The Shiite regions of Iraq are annexed into Iran, and the Sunni regions, along with Baghdad are confederated as Kurdish Republic of Iraq. North Korea is Annexed by South Korea, and becomes Korea again. Seoul remains the capitol. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos retain their autonomy and begin reconstruction under the guide of Australia – albeit democratized, but eventually fall into civil war. China is embroiled in civil war with breakaway warlords, while Taiwan begins taking control of Chinese coastal areas under the banner of “humanitarian aide” – and honestly their aid is far more effective than the legitimate Chinese government, drawing many refugees to the lands they occupy. India grows in power and becomes the protector of Tibet, creating a buffer zone for themselves with China and Pakistan.

Technologically, the period spurns a great progress in agricultural technology – with advanced greenhouses developed in first world nations to greatly increase growing efficiency. GMO foods are widely adopted.

Symbiot Arrival (1947, 2015, 2019)

While this was not officially recognized by the US government until 2019, Symbiots arrived on our world in July of 1947 when a meteor carrying several colonies of them (from unknown origins) hit near Roswell, NM. To cover the arrival of extra-terrestrial life, the US government created a brilliant conspiracy theory around an actual crashed alien craft, and then an official “cover up” story of a crashed weather balloon. The population dismissed the alien claims as crackpot theories, and for nearly a century was in the dark about the presence of the Symbiots on earth. While initially very few Symbiot colonies existed outside the Area 51 laboratories, in 2015 a quarantine failure allowed several to escape and begin to inhabit wildlife. As their effects began to be more and more prevalent in an information age society, their existence became nearly common knowledge by 2017. The government finally disclosed the coverup in June of 2019.

First Contact (2034, 2042)

While it was clear after the knowledge of Symbiots became public that extra-terrestrial life existed, it was still not understood to what extent or scarcity. Many proclaimed there must be advanced civilizations out in the galaxy and a rewnewed interest in space drove to searching for means of FTL (Faster Than Light) travel. In 2034 a major breakthrough came when Japanese scientists achieved the impossible. By studying how the Symbiots interact with dark matter and dark energy, the scientists devised a way to transport a vessel into darkspace – a semi-overlapping dimension with several differences in the laws of physics. Inside darkspace acceleration can continue indefinitely. Combined with high powered and fuel efficient thrust engines, we were able to drastically cut the time to travel to distant stars. It was soon after we found the Proteans in the neighboring system of Gliese 581 – only 20 light years away. While it took nearly 8 years for our probe to reach the planet, we were instantly aware of their presence due to the quantam entanglement communications it possessed. Then, astonishingly, the Proteans arrived in only a matter of weeks. They are able to psionically dematerialize and rematerialize their fleet anywhere they please in a matter of hours.

This, of course, panicked the world – afraid that we had just invited a wolf into our herd. The US stock market crashed and due to numerous economic factors would not recover for decades. The panic would, of course, turn out to be unfounded as the Proteans introduced us to the rest of the galaxy – most of which were wholly uncaring of even our existence. Earth is essentially a “3rd world” world in the grand scheme of things, and is generally only paid courtesy for political or criminal gain – or curiosity surrounding the Symbiots which strangely were unknown to other species. The Proteans, for their virtue, began teaching humans the powers of psionics after discovering our brains operate on similar wavelengths. While we do not take to it as naturally as they do, humans seem quite capable of wielding the power – a slight edge against many alien species who can’t.

The Great Quake (2045)

In 2045 natural disaster struck the western coast of the US. The San Andreas fault finally had “The Big One” that had been rumored to occur for nearly 100 years prior. The quake devastated southern California – surpassing even the worst prediction models held before. Long overdue, it came in a set of 3 quakes – an 8.6 that did catastrophic damage to Los Angeles and SoCal, followed by a 9.0 quake in the Cascadia fault, off of California’s north coast. The resulting Tsunami washed away coastal towns and killed nearly 15,000 people. Three days later, San Andreas shook again at a colossal 9.8. The damage from these natural disasters was unprecedented. Damages were estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and the United States government simply did not have the money to provide the level of aid needed. Injured and sick were dying. Japan made an offer that is a hot topic of debate to this day in nations around the world. Due to the influx of economy from their advanced cybernetics manufacturing and near monopoly of FTL production, Japan had the wealth to rebuild the North American Pacific coast. The US, deeply in debt, accepted an undisclosed payment, made over a period of ten years for the purchase of the Western Coastline. For the first time in the 21st century, the United States grew smaller.


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