Below is a list of the top 12 corporations, just for reference and ideas. The corporate world is much like it is today, just more powerful.

Top 12

One of the oldest surviving corps, Microsoft excels at software design. After merging with Google, Inc. it adopted the best aspect of both companies, becoming a hive of programming genius coupled with business shrewdness.

Integral Technologies Inc.
One of the leading developers of cybernetics, rivaled only by Cyberdyne. They also manufacturer electrical equipment for other purposes – such as power supplies and circuit boards for other manufacturers.

Arcady Pharmaceuticals
Pretty Self Explanatory.

Goldmund-Teller Energy
Not only the owner of most power plants throughout Japan, the US, and Europe, they are also the leading manufacturer of miniature fission units.

Tonkatsu Corp
The premiere private police force corp. Most Ark police wear this companies badge.

RLD Logistics
A misleading name in many cases, RLD logistics offers their services to corps to help organize, downsize, or facilitate transitions in leaderships and mergers. They’re more well-known, however, for their private police force for hire.

Bachman and Associates
Originally founded as a law firm it changed gears to become a financial institution – banking and stock trading are its cornerstones.

A leading cybernetics designer and manufacturer.

Synergy Dynamics
Patent holder of the video-paper – the large papers pasted on walls that become giant add spaces or movie screens. They focus on making existing technology smaller.

A diverse firm that specializes in purchasing out up-and-comings and turning good ideas into everyday products.

Leading manufacturer of cybernetics and responsible for most cybernetic breakthroughs such as the first brain-case allowing for easy transplants from one full-prosthetic body to another.

Northline Media
A major producer of sensies and movies, Northline has started dabbling in VR dreamgames but are widely criticized as lacking in creativity.


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