“I know my appearance must be startling human but I’d appreciate if you’d fixate your sight on my eyes and not my breasts.”

A species of blue skinned, hairless humanoids; the Argan were the first race the Proteans made contact with. As a result, their language was adopted by the galaxy as a whole. It is a course offered in most high schools these days. The males of the species are bound to the planet due to a physiological deficiency causing slight variations in gravity to be deadly. Their language is very fluid and ‘pretty’ sounding – many who are unfamiliar with the language confuse it for French.

Their Homeworld experiences long periods of darkness due to their planets backwards rotation, which is why they developed very impressive lowlight vision.

Argan Template (50)

IQ 11 (20)
Template: Argan (15)
Photographic Memory (10)
Night Vision (5)


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