Terrence Witherspoon

Callsign: Terror, MCU Detective


Terrence “Terror” Witherspoon, once a private detective for hire, now a key piece of the MCU puzzle. Driven by a strong sense of justice Terrence looks for the guilty of conscience even if they are innocent by law. His powerful psionics aid him in this task, allowing him not only to delve into the minds of others, but to impose his own imagination into their reality – a versatile tool that makes Terrence ideal for subduing large groups of people.


A veteran/survivor of the Klixari conflict of 2030. Terrence Witherspoon or Code Name: Terror as he had come to be known, was Born 2002.

During the the younger adult years of his life, he worked as a private detective. Being a man of great physical fitness, having well above average intellect and known to have a photo graphic memory, detective work was something that seemed to come natural to him.

Terrence had a large involvement in the John Fanschat cult incident. Terrence was hired by the family of one of the cult members, Ray Seedling. He was tasked with tracking down the missing teen and if possible securing him safely. In his investigations involved with Ray disappearance, Terrence began to uncover clues that Ray may not have been kidnapped or harmed at all but may have been involved with the violent death of his parents Greg and Jannet Seedling and their guests Rodger and Nancy Bluehouse. Using contacts he had at the time with the local law enforcement, Terrence was able to gather phone records, to and from the Seedling residence from that day. In these records only a single number was contacted from the Seedling residence. The number was (800) 438-5433 number was called only a few hours before the time of suspected deaths of Mr and Ms Seedling. Additionally, there was information by they cable provider that the Seedling’s television feed and home internet was hacked. Working with the local police department investigating the crime, Terrence learned that this hacking was tracked locally. This was the extent that local low enforcement was able to track the hacker. Knowing this was enough for Terrence to begin investigations looking for locally know hackers, computer experts and their ilk. Using police records and public forums; Questioning locals and going to popular gathering locations Terrence was able to track information on to a few know local hackers. Three that seemed to be worth note and shown to have the highest chance of having the skills needed to pull off the kind of hacking that was done.

Terrence Went to the first hacker on the list. He chose this as the first because it was reported he was the most well know, a young man by the name of Pete Yoshiharu. Terrence knew before going to engage Pete in questioning, that he was not the real suspect in the crime. Terrence had a psychological profile pull on Pete from his younger years in addition to his criminal history; using this information Terrence determined that Pete basic psychology and past actions alone show that he would not commit this kind of crime. Regardless Terrence knew he could use the expertise and talent of a famous genius like Pete but knew he had to position his relationship and possible involvement in such a way that Pete was obligates to assist.

Terrence went to a common hang out location for Pete at a local net cafe. Convincing Pete seemed much easier then originally thought. As noted in his psychological profile, Pete’s inherent overconfidence in his computer skills made him feel like a superhero with a super power. In addition, he has a strong willingness to participate in new actions in life with easy.

After conversing at the cafe and exchanging contact information with Pete, Terrence put together information for Pete to go over and a plan to either trace where the hackers locations is or a means to trace the suspect hacker when he attempts to hack again. Pete was able to confirm the 10 mile radius of the original hack using his own sources in addition to give more information on how it was done.

Following first contact with the Proteans, in 2022. Using his influence with Malcolm Crowe’s parents he had gained through work he had done in earlier years. Terrence was chosen to be one of the first groups of civilian people to undergo psychic training offered by the Proteans. The Archon Tassadar, seeing Terrence had a special knack for learning and an almost innate talent for telepathic communication, decided to take him into special training. In this training, Terrence learned to fully fortify his own natural will power into a boundless fortress. Making Terrence nearly unassailable by most mental assaults, giving him fine control over his emotions and impulses. Spending most of his time being concerned with his duties on earth he chose to study the essentials of speaking to and reading minds. Additionally he desired to have a safe means to incapacitate or control people that would be flexible and chose to learn how to control the senses of other beings. Knowing these things, Terrence felt he would dominate in his field.

Terrence completed his training in 2030

In 2032, when Terrence chose to return home, the (human military that had power space control at the time) made him an offer to use his new found abilities for (nation). Offering him a very nice piece of compensation for this service made the decision easy for him. Having become a civilian interrogation specialists for (military), Terrence’s duties usually involved delving into a subjects mind and finding important information.

Working on a military base has its dangers. Soon after joining the same year, a group of Klixari raiders from one of the many houses that enjoys hunting other species in the galaxy, attacked the base Terrence was working on. Terrence, like many of the other civilian personal, followed standard instructions and stayed in the emergency shelter during an attack. In this attack, the military personal were quickly defeated and any civilian personal that fought back were also killed. Once the attacking Klixari forces finished up with all resistance, they began to round up the remaining civilian personal as trophies for their hunt. To be used as slaves, pets and other entertainment. At first a few of the civilian personal resisted, when they did so a Klixari quickly executed them. Seeing this made Terrence immediately realize that resistance was not an option and that if he wanted to live through this encounter with the Klixari, he should do as he is ordered. A task that was found to be difficult due to the obvious language barrier.

The Klixari kept the captured personal in special holding containers designed for human storage. The containers had the proper atmospheric conditions for human life. This is not saying that the conditions were comfortable. The temperature was closer to that of the Klixari world. The food and waster disposal conditions were also not what would normally be considered sanitary. Just on the week long journey to the local Klixari outpost where the captives were to be transported to a different facility to be traded and sold to other houses and patrons, one person died and many others were ill from malnutrition and poor living conditions in the containment unit.

It was at this outpost that Terrence first began to realize he could use his psychic powers in a highly offensive manner. By causing a more intense version of being able to control someones sensory inputs, he could cause psychosomatic conditions to occur in the subject. This condition usually caused real damage to the subject with the possibility of killing them. He began testing out his ability in little spurts on Klixari guards and other passers by. In addition, he spent time reading their minds in an attempt to learn their language, a task he found quite easy, considering he has a photographic memory.

About 3 months past on the outpost for Terrance and the other captives. about half of their group died of malnutrition or some form of sanitation disease, such as typhoid or dysentery. It wasn’t that the captives were forgotten about. The Klixari were looking for a buyer. 2 came over the past 3 months. One was killed, from what Terrence believed to be a “disagreement” over the trade value of the captives. The other one seemed to come back multiple times to acquire one of the captives then leave. From what Terrence could understand, the captive was to be used as a delicacy. It was at the end of those long 3 months that a buyer came for Terrace.

The buyer was a larger Klixari wearing one of their breathing masks. The trade between the Klixari buyer and the raiders went smoothly and with little conversation other then what seemed to be already agreed upon business. Terrence couldn’t tell much from the containment transport as he was moved from the outpost to the buyers ship. Once on the buyers ship, Terrence was place in a containment unit where the atmosphere was shared with what seemed to be the rest of the ship, in a barred cage unit with slightly more bearable conditions. From the outpost there seemed to be a month long journey until they reached their destination. During this time, the guards that watched over Terrence would cycle. Some of the guards would just stand there and watch him stoically while others would toy with him, some causing minor harm akin to torture. The guards seemed to cycle between 10 different Klixari, not including the larger one that made the trade with the outpost.

Once they arrived at their destination Terrence was unloaded from the ship in what seemed to be a standard cage unit with a standard locking mechanism. Terrence was placed just outside the ship in what seemed to be a camp of some form. With what seemed to be alien hunting gear and the Klixari previous hunts. A set of different hides…including one that looked human. It was at this moment that Terrence knew he had a better chance to survive if he took action then if he did on the outpost. The local planetary atmosphere was breathable and the gravity only seemed slightly heaver then on earths. He knew he can understand their language and that he now had the tools to escape this situation. Now he just had to time it right.

In his time being a captive of the Klixari, Terrence spent much time reading their minds. Witnessing the horrors they have committed. Countless different lifeforms slain in the name of a hunt, some human. He witnessed torture and consumption of some of their prey. Terrence could tell were not just animals but sentient beings. Other times, the prey was a dangerous animal who’s lethality far surpassed that of any earth born creature. The one thing Terrence did pick up on was none of these prey were Protean. This gave Terrence confidence that his psionics would be the key to his freedom. He guessed that Protean were the best prey because perhaps the Klixari don’t have many methods of defense against psionics in addition to a possible treaty between the 2 races because of past lost conflicts on the Kilxari side, leaving the Kilxari little choice but to accept their obvious superiors demands.

It didn’t take much time for what looked to be the full Kilxari crew to exit the ship. All donning much less armor and equipment different then that of the raiders. Only the Large Kilxari wore what seemed to be heaver armor and equipment with heaver weapons. Terrence learned at this time that the larger one was in charge and seemed to be some sort of guide to this group. Almost like a hunting safari guide. When they gathered in the middle of camp, the large one seemed to be setting rules and guidelines for the hunt, along with some bonus for being the one to kill Terrence before the local wild life does. The large one gave instruction for the rest of the group to remain at camp while he placed Terrence in a secret location.

Terrence decided this was the time to make his escape but from the sounds of it he would be dealing with more then these monstrous Kilxari. If some of the images Terrence saw while reading the Kilxari minds were native creatures of this planet, he knew his chances of survival were gone. If he was going to act, he needed to do it near the ship. While taking off in what seemed to be a vertol like vehicle. Terrence waited until he felt that the vertol would be out of good visual range of the ship when he decided to use what he learned about the large against him. While the Kilxari got ready for their hunt, the large Kilxari seemed to recall an event he almost didn’t live through. One that seems to radiate in his mind ever time he does a check and guidelines check with his patrons. On this very planet a large flying creature attacked his group killing everyone and nearly ending his own life, leaving him with out a leg. Now replaced with a cybernetic one.

Terrence chose to use this memory and the creature in it to cause the large Kilxari to crash the vertol. Terrence’s plan seemed to work. In the sensory illusion, Terrence had the creature land on the vertol, break through the cockpit and injure the large Kilxari. Terrence made the sensory illusion so intense it began to cause psychosomatic damage. Eventually causing the Kilxari to pass out. This in turn cause the controls of the vertol to become unmanned and slowly plummet to the ground.

The crash was heard, knocking Terrence unconscious. When Terrence awoke, he was out of the cage and now bound but left untied to anything. The larger Kilxari was standing but having issues walking, while he was verbally complaining about his cybernetic leg. Terrence could see the verbally was a wreck but at least he was out of the cage, in makeshift binding and with his captor injured. Terrence caused a different sensory illusion, this time the vertol caught fire and exploded igniting the Kilxari. Again causing enough psychosomatic damage for the Kilxari to pass out.

Terrence took this time to get the binding off. It wasn’t difficult. Terrence guessed they were mostly placed there so that if Terrence started to escape the Kilxari would catch and rebind him. Once out of the bindings, Terrence began to gather any weapons and gear that he was able to use through reading minds and just fit and weight. While the Large Kilxari was still unconscious Terrence decided to end his life while he had the chance. After killing the large Kilxari, Terrence began the walk back to the ship. Terrence was only about 2-3 miles from the ship. This was a hard trek for Terrence because of the malnutrition and lack of rest because of the uncomfortable housing and occasional torture he has endured.

Terrence approached the camp carefully. He didn’t know what to expect. Terrence hoped that the large Kilxari clients were off guard while waiting for their guide to return. Terrence’s approach to the camp found his hoped to be fulfilled. The group sat around the camp talking about hunts past and glory gained. They were completely unaware of their surroundings. While he was being transported to this planed on their ship, Terrence read all their minds. All of these Kilxari were from wealthy and power families or houses. These Kilxari are about as ready from an attack as any normal person would be in a casual safari. This allowed Terrence to get close enough to start causing sensory illusion to 2 of the group who Terrence found through his mind reading were the most likely to react irrational to most given situations. In the sensory illusion he created for them, he made them both see the same and choose something he knew they would react violently too. As such, with the confirmation of each other visions. Two of the Kilxari jumped up and grabbed some of the hunting gear and began to kill the other Kilxari.

While the Kilxari under the control of sensory illusion were about to finish off the last of the remaining Kilxari, Terrence lost his control over the senses of one of the Kilxari. The freed Kilxari realized what a second too late as the other Kilxari still subjected to Terrence’s sensory illusions killed the last of the other Kilxari. It was at this moment that he also saw Terrence, yelling to the still surviving Kilxari of his location. Terrence sill had control over the others senses and made sure he didn’t hear the freed Kilxari’s warnings but insteed made him see the freed one raising his weapon to kill him. In turn, the Kilxari still being subjected to Terrence’s sensory illusion turned his weapon on the freed Kilxari and killed him.

Exhausted, Terrence’s control on the final Kilxari began to wave. The final Kilxari stood there horrified at what he saw. He just killed the remainder of the group with the last Kilxari he just killed thinking he just did so in self defense. Terrence tried to regain control of his self and of the Kilxari. In Terrence’s moment of difficulty, the final Kilxari saw Terrence. Terrence regained control of the final Kilxari and began to cause psychosomatic damage. Terrence’s sensory illusion was one of the final Kilxari’s fear. That of hundreds of carnivorous insects the size of a house cat. The final Kilxari began to fire at his illusions in self defense. Just before the final Kilxari fell from the damage but not before his wild firing caused a fragment to fly into Terrence’s eye, destroying that eye. While in great pain and knowing he needs to make sure they are all dead. Terrence fought his desire to pass out from the pain and exhaustion, shambled up to the bodies of the Kilxari, making sure that they are all dead by shooting them additional times. Then Terrence passed out from blood loss and exhaustion.

Terrence was recovered by a group of the (human military) who was ordered to secure the area of the planet for exploration and to hunt down the reported Kilxari raiders in the area. Terrence awoke in a medical bay on a human military ship undergoing medical care for his eye and other aliments from the Kilxari’s mistreatment.

Once Terrence recovered he was debriefed on the events that occurred with the Kilxari. He was ordered to keep this event to him self. In all the experience was both mentally and physically tasking on Terrence. Due to the extended period of malnutrition, poor conditions and general mistreatment of the Kilxari, Terrence physical prowess was all but lost. Additionally Terrence’s mental fortitude and years of training by the protean damaged. Terrence was offered psychological care and housing by the government. He was released from psychological care in 2035.

Terrence spent the following year gathering up his life and working the occasional private detective job. Terrence was quite successful with his old line of work as he expected, even with the loss of his health. With his success, he also became notorious for the apparent fear and occasional emotional scaring he had caused using his psionics. This caught the attention of a special crime unit who usually looks for people with special talents.

Code of Honor (Private Investigator)

Don’t back down, don’t give in, don’t be intimidated. Find the truth, no matter who wants to stop you or why. Do what’s right, not what’s legal. Treat honorable people with respect. Avenge any attack on you or on those whom you’re protecting. Keep your word. Keep only retainers you have earned. See to it that the morally guilty (who are not necessarily the legally guilty) are punished.


Terrence witherspoon
Terrence witherspoon 2


Weapon 			      Damage  Acc  Range   Weight    RoF  Shots  ST  Bulk Rcl LC
Gyroc Pistol, 15mm            6d pi++ 1    1,900   1/0.4     3    4(3i)  9   -2   1   3
Dan-Inject JM Standard, 11mm  1d pi-  3+2  45/150  6.6/0.02  1    1(3i)  8†  -5   2   4

Ammo							WPS
Infrared Homing (“Viper”) APEP 15mm micromissile	0.1 lbs.
11mm Syringe						0.02 lbs.

Armor 		 Location  DR  Weight  LC
Heavy Clamshell  torso	   45  18      2

Terrence's Field Helmet
Light Infantry Helmet skull DR 24 eyes and face DR 20 $350 lbs. 6 LC 3

Respirator (TL9) $300 lbs.3 LC4

Hyperspectral Visor (TL9) 1X magnification $2,000, 0.6 lbs., B/10 hr. LC4.
Mini Flashlight (TL9) Projects a 15-yard beam. rail. $10, 0.25 lbs., B/24 hr
Inertial Compass TL9: $120, 0.2 lbs., A/200 hr
Near Miss Indicator Gives a +2 to Vision rolls to locate the source of enemy fire. $1,000, neg. weight, A/24 hr. LC4.
Personal Radar/Laser Detector $50, 0.5 lbs., A/10 days. LC4.

IR Communicator Tiny (Secure Encryption) (TL9): 50-yard range. $20, 0.05 lbs., 2A/10 hr. LC4.
Laser Communicators Tiny (Secure Encryption) (TL9): 5-mile range. $100, 0.05 lbs., 2A/10 hr. LC4.
Radio Communicator Tiny (Secure Encryption) (TL9): 1-mile range. $50, 0.05 lbs., 2A/10 hr. LC4.
Sonar Communicato Tiny (Secure Encryption) (TL9): 600-yard range. $40, 0.05 lbs., 2A/10 hr. LC4.

Fast Tiny Computer (TL9) Complexity 5 and stores 1 TB (at TL9). $1000, 0.05 lbs., 2A/20 hr. LC4.

IFF Comm Complexity 2, $500. LC 3.
Password Complexity 1, $100 LC
Silhouette (TL9) MCU Database Complexity 5; $2000. LC 1?

Totals $7640 lbs.11.3 C/32 hours


$11200 left 

Item						Cost		Weight		Notes
Food 						$400/month
AV-4 Air Ambulance 				$532/month
400 Sq' Class C Apartment			$1600/month
Cleaning GelX7					$35/month 	1.5 lbs
B CellsX30					$90/month	1.5 lbs

Total						$2657/Month

One Time Items
Complete Wardrobe				$2800		20+ lbs.		
Smart Brush 					$50 		0.5 lbs		B/24 hr
Pocket Pack					$25		0.75 lbs
IR Communicator, Medium (Secure Encryption)	$1000		5		2.5-mile range
Laser Communicator, Medium (Secure Encryption)	$2500		5		500-mile range
Radio Communicator, Medium (Secure Encryption)	$1500		5		100-mile range
Sonar Communicator, Medium (Secure Encryption)	$1500		5		30-mile range
Defense Globe					$400				see Defense Globe

Defense Globe Components
Fast Tiny Computer (TL9) Complexity 5 and stores 1 TB (at TL9). $1000, 0.05 lbs., 2A/20 hr. LC4.
Dedicated AI

Total						$9375

Character Points

Date Change Spent Unspent
Starting n/a 320 0
6/16 Gained 4 Gold points (First Day) 320 4 gold
8/27/12 Gained 4 Gold points (First Day – Investigation) 320 8 gold
9/21/12 Spent 2 points in Psychosomatic, 6 points in Subconscious Hand-Off 328
Gained 6 points from Prestige conversion 328 6 Gold
9/22/12 Gained 3 Gold points (An Old Friend) 328 9 gold
6/1/13 Gained 6 Gold Points (New Assignments) 328 15 gold

Terrence Witherspoon

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