Malcolm Crowe

Callsign: Specter, MCU Detective


Malcolm in his battle armor,
custom made from Protean designs.

Malcolm Crowe was born a regular human in a political family, but has found a higher calling in life. He now serves the Khala, the protean religion, in the form of an Archon’s apprentice. Back on Earth, he joined the MCU in an effort to expose himself to harsh situations and force his psionics to improve or die, and to learn about the mysterious symbiots the humans call Contractors.

His psionic invisibility and high tech weaponry brings a unique talent to the team, making him a prime close range assassin.


Malcolm sans armor

Well here I am, back on my home planet – or at least the planet I was born on for it is no longer my home and hasn’t been for a long time. Never thought I’d ever come back here but the orders of the faith can’t be ignored. I thought it would be different but nothing’s really changed, in fact its worse. It’s a deary place, with its dirty streets, cold polluted rain, and constant noise. To think at the time I didn’t want to leave with my parernts to establish an embassy on Aiur but now I can’t see my life going anywhere else. Call it destiny, fate or whatever else you might like. I found myself there, my faith. There were problems at first, as there always seems to be. A 13 year old boy alone, separated not only by the usaul things that drive us apart but also by our very race. The least of which was the communication difficulties of speaking with a race that doesn’t speak vocally. Imagine if you will, you can’t even lie, all your embarshing truths setting out for everyone to see as they pluck it from your mind. Its liberating really after you get used to it. No more need to hide who you are. They didn’t have any problem understanding us and that helped but I think they thought of us or at least my parents as more of a novelty than a government liaison and then, to everyone’s suprise, after about a year I was able to communicate with them as easily as I could with my parents. Which helped in a number of ways, if nothing more making our family more of a novelty than before and leaving me stuck as a translator.

Things really changed when our family was out shopping on a bright sunny afternoon. Sun beams cascading off the various items that were for sale in their open markets. Their structures acsenting the land around it, enhancing it, part of it. Such a bueatiful day, one I’ll never forget. Due in part to the fact we ran into an Archon who saw more in me than anyone else ever had. His name was Tassadar and that was when my real education began.

Protean Architechture
At first he came to the embasy and taught me about their religion, the world, and his race. It was soon to become my religion as well but this traveling back and forth was inefficient and he soon convinced my parents that it would be better if I could go to the temple for lessons despite how much easier it was for my parents to do their job with me around. I was tired of being their translator and this was much more interesting anyway. At the temple the education continued but he also begain exercising my mind. Teaching me new ways of thinking. Much more effective ways. As the years went by I was spending more and more time at the temple and less at home.

The Halls of Ascenscion
By the time I was 15 I decided to join them at the temple and one day become an Archon myself. There are just a few problems with that and Tessadar was quick to point them out. The main one being their training regament takes a human life time to complete. Another problem of my human heratige, that could bar me from really become a part of the order. So he decided to try to put me on the fast track to success, believing that by putting me in intense situations it would force my mind to adapt more quickly and develope my powers. Also to prove my commitment and loyalty to the Protean order. There are some problems with this of course including a low likelyhood of survival, but it is a risk I’ll gladly take. To this end he sent me back to earth because he could think of no more dangerous place to put me with a chance for me to survive. The graces favor me in sevarel ways for he didn’t send me alone. Tassadar is with me. He split my mind in two so he could help guide me and continue my training. He resides in the second part of my mind. One day he will teach me to control that part as well and possibly even split it again depending on how well my mind can handle the stress. He has other reasons for sending me to earth as well and thats to gather as much information about these contractors as possible. To see what kind of race they are, where their power comes from because its deffently not from the mind and if they pose a threat to the Proteans or even the galaxy itself. So with little ado we raided the Dragoon armory and with a few modifcations to the equipment, sent me on my journey back to earth with little more than the gear on my back and a few names. Offically I’m a part of the protean embassy here on earth to help facilitate resolutions for the missunderstandings that could occur between our races. The Proteans, however, know better and I’m given pretty free reign to do what I like, showing up at the embassy just often enought to keep up appearances.

So now after living in a place of learning and beauty I find myself, in my prime at 25, living in a house made from shipping containers. Where I had to re-enforce the windows and doors so I can sleep a little more peacefully but what else are you going to do when your in a crummy neighborhood. At least I’m fairly isolated and have a view of the river where i’m located. Well its time to get back to work, in the rain, to see if I can find out more about contractors. Learn, Grow, and Expand your mind at every opportunity – just as it says in the holy doctrine.

Theme Music

Tree of Life


Malcolm Crowe(275 points)
aka: Specter

Attributes: 90
ST 10 [0]	HP   10 [0]
DX 10 [0] 	Will 11 [-30]
IQ 17 [140]	Per  13 [-20]
HT 10 [0]	FP   10 [0]

Basic Speed: 5	Basic Move: 5 [0] 

Block: 0  Dodge: 8  Parry: 8 (Broadsword)

Damage: 1d-2/1d	     BL 20 lbs.
                     lt 40, med 60, hvy 120, ex-hvy 200
w/suit 2d+2/5d-1     BL 125 lbs. 
                     lt 250, med 375, hvy 750, ex-hvy 1250

Social Background: 49
* TL: 10 [5]
* CF: +16
* Languages: Protean (Accented) [4]
* Protean Rank 1 [5]
* Police Rank 1 [5]
* Wealth (Very Wealthy) [30]

Advantages: 166

* Invisibility (Affects Machine; Can Carry Objects (Light Encumbrance); Psionic; Switchable) [68]
* Telereceive: [21]
 - Mind Probe (Telepathic)
 - Mind Reading (Telepathic)
* Telesend: [27]
* Unusual Background (Psi) (Functional Powers) [25]
* Patron [10] 
* Leagel Enforcement Powers [15]

Perks: 1
* Tactical Reading

Disadvantages: -60
* Discipline of Faith (Ritualism) [-5]
* Insomniac (Mild) [-10]
* Sense of Duty (Entire Race) [-15]
* Truthfulness (6 or less) [-10]
* Duty (MCU, extreme hazordous) [-20]
Quirks: -4
* Alcohol Intolerance
* Broad-Minded
* Dislikes #23 
* Nosy 

Skills: 32

Name Level Attribute Points
Armoury (battlesuites) 16 (IQ-1a) 1
Computer Operation 13 Default IQ-4 0
Criminology 16 (IQ-1a) 1
Diplomacy 11 Default (IQ-6) 0
Driving (motorcyle) 12 Default IQ-5 0
Electronics Op (security) 16 (IQ-1a) 1
Electronics Op (Psychotronics) 16 (IQ-1a) 1
Environment Suit 10 (DX+0a) 2
Forensics 12 Default crim -4 0
Guns/TL10 (Shotgun) 11 (DX+0e) 2
Interrogation 12 Default IQ-5 0
Jumping 10 (DX+0e) 1
Law 15 (IQ-2h) 1
Lockpicking 16 (IQ-1a) 1
Observation 11 Default Shadowing – 5 0
Melee: Broadsword 11 (DX+0a) 4
Piloting/TL10 (Vertol) 11 (DX+2a)* 2
Savoir-Fair 13 Default IQ-4 0
Search 12 (Per-1a) 1
Shadowing 16 (IQ-1a) 1
Stealth 14 (DX+4a)* 8
Telereceive 16 (IQ-1h) 2
Telesend 16 (IQ-1h) 2
Theologey 16 (IQ-1a) 1

*=skill based off Default


  • Invisibility (Affects Machine; Can Carry Objects (Light Encumbrance); Psionic; Switchable) 68
  • Telereceive: 21 Level 1
Telereceive 16 (IQ-1h) 2
Name Level Points
Deep Probe Telereceive -8 0
Multiplicity Telereceive-6 0
New Approach Telereceive-6 0
Universal Telereceive-5 0
  • Telesend: 27 Level 5
Telesend 16 (IQ-1h) 2
Name Level Points
Broadcast Telesend-6 1
Full Communion Telesend-2 0
Secure Telesend-4 0
Universal Telesend-5 0


  • Tactical Reading: While you are using Telereceive on a
    foe, instead of reducing penalties from his Feints and
    Deceptive attacks, you have a flat +1 bonus to defend
    against all of his attacks.


Armor: $214,560

TL Armor Location DR Cost Weight Power
10 Commando Battlesuit Body 105/75 160,000 150 E/24hr.
10 +Helmet Head 105/75 20,000 15 C/24hr.
10 Buzz Fabric Varicloth Bioplas Suit all 15/5* 17280 4
10 Buzz Fabric varicloth Bioplas Suit all 15/5* 17280 4

Melee Weapons: $82,000

Weapon Damage Reach Parry Notes Cost Weight
Superfine Bladed Katana TL10 Thr 1d+3 Swg 1d+4 1/2,1 0 -2 break AD (2) 78000 5
+Vibroblade Thr 2d+3 Swg 2d+4 1/2,1 0 AD (5) C-cell(60sec)
+Battlesuit Thr 2d+7 Swg 4d+7 1/2,1 0 AD (2)
+Battlesuit w/Vibro Thr 3d+7 Swg 5d+7 1/2,1 0 AD (5)
Fusion Torch 8d+2(5) burn C no 15 min 4,000 40/Dp

Ranged Weapons: 4,800

Weapon Damage Acc Range RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl LC Notes Cost Weight
Guass CAW 18.5mm 8d pi++ 4 200/1000 15 30(3) 10 -4 3 2 D-cell 4800 10/1.5
Ice Gun 3mm 1d-1 (0.25)pi- 1 50/150 3 20(3) 7 -2 2 2 C-cell, hypo-injected 600 1/0.3


Ammo Damage Quantity TL Cost Notes
High Explosive Multi-purpose 6dx2 (5)imp inc + linked 1d+1 cr ex [1d] (x2) 10
Force 2d+2 cr dkb ex (x5) 10
Expendable Jammer 20yard radius 9 w/ trigger
EMP spec.(1yard)+ 1d-3 cr ex 9
Mono Chain 1/2 dmg 9 1/2 rng, +1 hit, [SM-2orless (10) cutting] (x5)

Vehicles: 20,000

Type ST/HP HND/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM OCC. DR Range Cost
Combat Bike 50 +3/2 15 18/250mph 836lbs 436lbs 0 1+1 5 600 20,000


Apartment: $18,800
Rent: $1120 per month

Item Cost Notes
Front Door 1200 50hp DR 150
Garage Doors (2) 17600 50hp DR 150

Remaining Yen: $108,950

Item Location Cost Weight Notes
Cybervox Carried 200 2.5
Personal Sound Detector Carried 1,000 1
Industrial Nano Cleaner 30sqft Carried 200 1 30sqft
Cufftape Carried 10 .5 100ft spool
C-cell x4 Variable 40 0.5/2
D-cell x2 Variable 200 5/10
E-cell x2 Variable 4,000 20/40
Psychotronic Battery 10fp Variable 20,000 0.1
Psychic Locks x5 Variable 5,000 200
Thought Globe Safe 10,000 0.5
Portable Workshop (Armoury) Vehicle 15,000 200lbs
Slipspray Carried 30 0.5lbs 100sqft 10sqft/sec
Electronic Lockpick Carried 1,500 0.2 +3 Lockpicking/ Electronic Operations (security)
Electronic Thumb 5,000 0.25 A/100hr
Deceptive Radar Jammer Suit 2,000 2.5 -4 to sonar dectection
Small Safe x2 Apt/Vehicle 2,000 0.5 ton DR 300 HP 80
Privacy Field Home 10,000 4 D/100W
Neural Pacifier Safe 1,000 0.25 B/100 hr
Extensible Sensor Pod carried or safe 50,000 10 2C/100 hr
Sensor Gloves part of suit 2,000 0.2 A/2 wk

Drugs: $18,450

Drug Cost Quantity Notes
Ascepaline 200 10 Increases healing
Purge 200 10 Cure-all Antidote
Memory Beta 2500 10 stimulate memory
Blue Fire 200 10 Psi Talent
Blue Fire Antidote 300 10 Prevent Addiction
Brainstorm 1500 10 Extra Effort
Mind Hype 1000 10 +1 IQ +3 Psi Skills
MonoBloc 1500 10 +8 Resis
Muffler 8000 10 Blocks Psi Powers
Psi-booster (
Shiver 400 9 +1 Psi Skills
Trance 150 10 Lower Resis
Window 2500 10 +2 Tele Tanent

Character Points

Date Change Spent Unspent
Starting N/A 320 0
6/16 Gained 3 Gold points (First Day) 320 3 Gold
8/26 Gained 2 Gold points (First Day – Investigation) 320 5 gold
8/29 Gained 2 Gold points (Enigma of the Contractor – Part 1) 320 7 gold
Gained 6 Gold Points from Prestige Conversion 320 11 gold
9/22/12 Gained 3 Gold points (An Old Friend) 320 14 gold
6/1/13 Gained 6 Gold Points (New Assignments) 320 20 gold

Malcolm Crowe

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