Heather Friedman


Case File:

Heather Friedman. Fashion Model.

Found Jan 18th around 3am.

Time of Death placed at the same time.

Found in Night Club restroom – Deep Blue in Atwater Park. Partially dismembered. Decapitated by force (no cutting edges found). Several broken bones – mostly compound fractures. Several scratches. Blunt trauma.

Cause of death: Decapitation

No murder weapon located.

She was at a club with friends. Friday night – busy club. Restroom wasn’t empty when the attack occurred, there was one other occupant. She suffered several injuries – she was found trapped beneath a fallen stall wall. She says she saw the attacker – described it as “a monster with a gas mask on. Femanine humanoid – like a person, but the eyes, forehead…the shape just didnt look human. It was brutal – it never spoke.” She says she was in the stall when the fight started – she didn’t know how it broke out. According to the witness – the creature had slammed the body of the victim against the wall, which is when it crumbled and trapped the witness. The victim had already been decapitated at that point, but the attacker continued to rip and beat the body. After a moment, it slowed down. It was breathing heavily. It looked at the witness, saw her, and dispersed into a purple-black cloud of mist and escaped through an AC vent.


Heather Friedman

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