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Game 3 - 6/1/13

Changes in the MCU and another Noblesse Oblige attack.

Players can suggest NPCs for fill in as back up characters/part time NPCs that will pop in now and then. After a week or two, I’ll fill in holes.
  • Morning meeting – Chief announces that he’s going to be expanding the MCU by adding at least 4 more agents. Nguyen is going to be assigned to the second unit and Brock will be in charge of the first (theirs).
    • Effective immediately. Jennifer is pulled from the Noblesse Oblige case to help chief with recruiting.
  • The Call
    • Chief got a call that another case has been assigned to you. A handful of people have been murdered over the past few days and they think they are related.
  • Before they got to that though, he wanted (at least one of you) to speak to Fu Chang while she’s still in custody.
    • Terrence and Malcolm do this while Brock and Dire Wolf (currently under orders to “protect” and watch Brock) watch from the one-way mirror.
    • They want to charge her as an Accomplice to Attempted Homocide of an On Duty Officer.
    • The group knows that there is strong evidence in the case. TacNet was running, and so the entire encounter was recorded. She would almost assuredly be found guilty.
      • However, the group had no warrant, and Chris was rummaging through her drawers without her permission. That is illegal search and seizure.
    • Terrance used the image he got from Fu’s mind of the older gentleman to draw out a sketch and run it through Silhouette, identifying him as Joseph Chang, a half-chinese half-british Triad Vanguard of considerable power. And also her father, and the father of Johnny Chang.
      • She has also realized that her father intended to use her as a patsy by telling the men to go there. Both knew it was likely that they would not be getting out. This was a move by her father to try and take her out.
        • As a result, Fu offers not to press charges on Daiichi for his harassment and possible illegal search & seizure, and allow them to keep her tablet with all of the financial information on the Triad in the area in exchange for dropping the charges against her. She will also offer to testify in interview that Joseph was the handler for all of the Blue Lanterns that she recognized. If Daiichi is found guilty, he’ll likely be dismissed from the force. At the very least, he’ll be suspended for the duration of his investigation. If neccessary she’ll threaten to reveal Daiichi’s ties to the Triad via a DNA test. However, if they take her deal, she will make her move to incite infighting within the Triad – she has many supporters that the Triad should not be one unified force, but independent organizations like in the old days. She has enough clout to re-establish her families historical Triad – the Sun On Yee.
        • The party – at the command of Brock, accepts the deal. They do some quick records and evidence cleanup, and let her go.

Meanwhile, Daiichi starts his day investigating the scene of the most recent of the murders of the new case – a night club bathroom.

  • Luckily the corpse had not been moved yet – and Daiichi took a quick look at it before exploring elsewhere – finding a whole fingernail, cloth, and other useful bits of evidence in her wounds.
  • Elsewhere inside the bathroom not much was found.
  • He spoke with the witness again, who did not help him much, but did point him a bit in the right direction – she mentioned it turned into a dark mist and went into the AC vent.
    • He spoke with the janitorial staff to inquire about any unusual messes they’ve had to clean – learned nothing, and checked where the AC system connects outside. Here he found blood stains. He collected them, and collected samples from the scarce bits of mud in the alley-way.
  • He finally asked if the witness would mind coming back to HQ with him to speak with Terrence Witherspoon, for one last interview, before going home, and she agreed.
    • Back at HQ, Terrance interviewed her, with psionic assistance, catching the memory of the Unknown creature.
  • Joseph Chang
    • Joseph Chang is was hard to find – he’s in the public eye. Pete spent an hour or so searching and eventually was able to hack into his secretarie’s schedule and find him scheduled for dinner at Club Auriga, an upscale, restaurant.
    • The Chief issued a warrant and the team went to arrest him. They requested SWAT backup, but wanted them to stay a bit away from the tower.
    • When they arrived at the tower, they took the elevator up. They were surprised when they entered the restraunt to find it empty aside from Chang, who was eating with one other man.
    • Terrance identified the man as Brandon Hemsworth, a former professor at Cambridge University, who retired after being trained in psionics on Aiur.
    • Joseph didn’t put up a fight. After treating Brock to dinner, the team arrest him and his bodyguard (who they have nothing on, and knowingly will have to release in 24 hours).
      • During the encounter, Chang is constantly taunting Brock about Caleb. He admitted to having Caleb’s wife killed and that he would have Zoey killed as well if he knew where she was.

The Bachman Suites

  • While they’re bringing Joseph in, Brock gets a call from Zoey. She sounds terrified – and just says “Oh god, come help. They’re killing everyone!”. There are gunshots in the background, and the line goes silent. Just then, police radios start barking calling for support at the Bachman Suites – it seemed another attack was underway.
  • Because most of SWAT was here assisting the team, there was a delayed reaction time. When they arrived, they found police on the street shooting into the building.
  • About the time the party arrived, the style of fire changed from inside the building – short raps of 3-round burst began to ring out and slowly the wild untrained fire from before began to die out. A large explosion occurred and the team was somewhat caught off-guard until Pete pointed out that there was a subway line that ran underneath.
  • The team quickly reacted and ran inside – Brock, who had contacted a yakuza hacker for help tracing the location of Zoey’s line, had confirmed that she was here – on the top floor. He ordered part of the team to secure exits, and part to descend into the giant hole in the floor that they apparently used to escape.
    • Inside, aside from the giant hole, were dozens of dead security guards and Asians – who the team quickly (and correctly) assumed were more Triad soldiers – this time though, they were 49ers.
      • Brock went upstairs to find Zoey – he did find her, hiding in a bath tub with Alex Bachman. Alex’s parents were not as fortunate – though Brock managed to hide the sight of his parents from him, the bodyguards’ corpses were unavoidable.
        • He put the two of them on The Kingfisher and told John Cole to take them directly to MCU headquarters – and to the cheif. He complied, and Brock started back downstairs. He would miss all the action though.
      • Downstairs, Terrance and Daiichi went straight down the dangling ropes. Pete had managed to stop the oncoming subway mag-lev, which effectively eliminated one of their escape routes. Using his terrahertz scanner, he located Johnny Chang, fleeing down a maintenance hall.
        • Terrance quickly invaded his mind, causing confusion. Because his visual input didn’t match his GPS data he knew he’d been seen. He quickly reversed course as Terrance had intended, but he also drew his katana and an SMG. He sprinted towards them and began firing as soon as he was in range. Daiichi did his best to put himself between the fire and Terrance – and was mostly successful. Daiichi took enough bullets to put a few men away for good, but was good as new a few seconds later. Terrance did lose a hand in the firefight, however. Eventually, between Daiichi spilling is corrosive blood on Basilisks metal frame, and Terrance overloading what was left of his brain with sensory information, they were able to take him down.
        • After Basilisk was down, they boarded the train and began checking out passengers. Once he saw them board, “John” tore a hole in the side of the train and attempted to flee. Terrance was again able to enter his mind and blind him, forcing him to trip and scream in agony from the pain he was inflicting. Eventually John found the MagLev rail and forced spikes out of all the sides. Terrance managed to hold his concentration, though, and soon enough backup was able to subdue John and arrest him.

In the aftermath, Tony Braxton – who had handed MCU control the scene when they arrived – thanked them for their help, and they headed back to MCU headquarters to question John.
John is quite forthcoming with what info he has – he gives up names, orders.

What info did John give up? Did I say I’ll meta that?

The team also gets a call from the Chief – apparently security cams caught footage of an international criminal known as Havoc as one of the attackers. Havoc, John, and Basilisk had killed all of the Triad before the escape. Since John was captured and Basilisk was killed, that means Havoc is still on the loose. He then adds Anna Michelakos to the conversation – she informs the team in very unfriendly terms that she will require their cooperation in capturing Havoc. The team reluctantly agrees, moreso due to her attitude than her goals, and sets up information sharing. She is also given listen privileges to the teams Tac-Net to make it easier.

This was actually a very long game – all players were given 6 CP. Chris (Daiichi) was voted MVP and earned a 7th.


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