New Assignments
Game 3 - 6/1/13

Changes in the MCU and another Noblesse Oblige attack.

Players can suggest NPCs for fill in as back up characters/part time NPCs that will pop in now and then. After a week or two, I’ll fill in holes.
  • Morning meeting – Chief announces that he’s going to be expanding the MCU by adding at least 4 more agents. Nguyen is going to be assigned to the second unit and Brock will be in charge of the first (theirs).
    • Effective immediately. Jennifer is pulled from the Noblesse Oblige case to help chief with recruiting.
  • The Call
    • Chief got a call that another case has been assigned to you. A handful of people have been murdered over the past few days and they think they are related.
  • Before they got to that though, he wanted (at least one of you) to speak to Fu Chang while she’s still in custody.
    • Terrence and Malcolm do this while Brock and Dire Wolf (currently under orders to “protect” and watch Brock) watch from the one-way mirror.
    • They want to charge her as an Accomplice to Attempted Homocide of an On Duty Officer.
    • The group knows that there is strong evidence in the case. TacNet was running, and so the entire encounter was recorded. She would almost assuredly be found guilty.
      • However, the group had no warrant, and Chris was rummaging through her drawers without her permission. That is illegal search and seizure.
    • Terrance used the image he got from Fu’s mind of the older gentleman to draw out a sketch and run it through Silhouette, identifying him as Joseph Chang, a half-chinese half-british Triad Vanguard of considerable power. And also her father, and the father of Johnny Chang.
      • She has also realized that her father intended to use her as a patsy by telling the men to go there. Both knew it was likely that they would not be getting out. This was a move by her father to try and take her out.
        • As a result, Fu offers not to press charges on Daiichi for his harassment and possible illegal search & seizure, and allow them to keep her tablet with all of the financial information on the Triad in the area in exchange for dropping the charges against her. She will also offer to testify in interview that Joseph was the handler for all of the Blue Lanterns that she recognized. If Daiichi is found guilty, he’ll likely be dismissed from the force. At the very least, he’ll be suspended for the duration of his investigation. If neccessary she’ll threaten to reveal Daiichi’s ties to the Triad via a DNA test. However, if they take her deal, she will make her move to incite infighting within the Triad – she has many supporters that the Triad should not be one unified force, but independent organizations like in the old days. She has enough clout to re-establish her families historical Triad – the Sun On Yee.
        • The party – at the command of Brock, accepts the deal. They do some quick records and evidence cleanup, and let her go.

Meanwhile, Daiichi starts his day investigating the scene of the most recent of the murders of the new case – a night club bathroom.

  • Luckily the corpse had not been moved yet – and Daiichi took a quick look at it before exploring elsewhere – finding a whole fingernail, cloth, and other useful bits of evidence in her wounds.
  • Elsewhere inside the bathroom not much was found.
  • He spoke with the witness again, who did not help him much, but did point him a bit in the right direction – she mentioned it turned into a dark mist and went into the AC vent.
    • He spoke with the janitorial staff to inquire about any unusual messes they’ve had to clean – learned nothing, and checked where the AC system connects outside. Here he found blood stains. He collected them, and collected samples from the scarce bits of mud in the alley-way.
  • He finally asked if the witness would mind coming back to HQ with him to speak with Terrence Witherspoon, for one last interview, before going home, and she agreed.
    • Back at HQ, Terrance interviewed her, with psionic assistance, catching the memory of the Unknown creature.
  • Joseph Chang
    • Joseph Chang is was hard to find – he’s in the public eye. Pete spent an hour or so searching and eventually was able to hack into his secretarie’s schedule and find him scheduled for dinner at Club Auriga, an upscale, restaurant.
    • The Chief issued a warrant and the team went to arrest him. They requested SWAT backup, but wanted them to stay a bit away from the tower.
    • When they arrived at the tower, they took the elevator up. They were surprised when they entered the restraunt to find it empty aside from Chang, who was eating with one other man.
    • Terrance identified the man as Brandon Hemsworth, a former professor at Cambridge University, who retired after being trained in psionics on Aiur.
    • Joseph didn’t put up a fight. After treating Brock to dinner, the team arrest him and his bodyguard (who they have nothing on, and knowingly will have to release in 24 hours).
      • During the encounter, Chang is constantly taunting Brock about Caleb. He admitted to having Caleb’s wife killed and that he would have Zoey killed as well if he knew where she was.

The Bachman Suites

  • While they’re bringing Joseph in, Brock gets a call from Zoey. She sounds terrified – and just says “Oh god, come help. They’re killing everyone!”. There are gunshots in the background, and the line goes silent. Just then, police radios start barking calling for support at the Bachman Suites – it seemed another attack was underway.
  • Because most of SWAT was here assisting the team, there was a delayed reaction time. When they arrived, they found police on the street shooting into the building.
  • About the time the party arrived, the style of fire changed from inside the building – short raps of 3-round burst began to ring out and slowly the wild untrained fire from before began to die out. A large explosion occurred and the team was somewhat caught off-guard until Pete pointed out that there was a subway line that ran underneath.
  • The team quickly reacted and ran inside – Brock, who had contacted a yakuza hacker for help tracing the location of Zoey’s line, had confirmed that she was here – on the top floor. He ordered part of the team to secure exits, and part to descend into the giant hole in the floor that they apparently used to escape.
    • Inside, aside from the giant hole, were dozens of dead security guards and Asians – who the team quickly (and correctly) assumed were more Triad soldiers – this time though, they were 49ers.
      • Brock went upstairs to find Zoey – he did find her, hiding in a bath tub with Alex Bachman. Alex’s parents were not as fortunate – though Brock managed to hide the sight of his parents from him, the bodyguards’ corpses were unavoidable.
        • He put the two of them on The Kingfisher and told John Cole to take them directly to MCU headquarters – and to the cheif. He complied, and Brock started back downstairs. He would miss all the action though.
      • Downstairs, Terrance and Daiichi went straight down the dangling ropes. Pete had managed to stop the oncoming subway mag-lev, which effectively eliminated one of their escape routes. Using his terrahertz scanner, he located Johnny Chang, fleeing down a maintenance hall.
        • Terrance quickly invaded his mind, causing confusion. Because his visual input didn’t match his GPS data he knew he’d been seen. He quickly reversed course as Terrance had intended, but he also drew his katana and an SMG. He sprinted towards them and began firing as soon as he was in range. Daiichi did his best to put himself between the fire and Terrance – and was mostly successful. Daiichi took enough bullets to put a few men away for good, but was good as new a few seconds later. Terrance did lose a hand in the firefight, however. Eventually, between Daiichi spilling is corrosive blood on Basilisks metal frame, and Terrance overloading what was left of his brain with sensory information, they were able to take him down.
        • After Basilisk was down, they boarded the train and began checking out passengers. Once he saw them board, “John” tore a hole in the side of the train and attempted to flee. Terrance was again able to enter his mind and blind him, forcing him to trip and scream in agony from the pain he was inflicting. Eventually John found the MagLev rail and forced spikes out of all the sides. Terrance managed to hold his concentration, though, and soon enough backup was able to subdue John and arrest him.

In the aftermath, Tony Braxton – who had handed MCU control the scene when they arrived – thanked them for their help, and they headed back to MCU headquarters to question John.
John is quite forthcoming with what info he has – he gives up names, orders.

What info did John give up? Did I say I’ll meta that?

The team also gets a call from the Chief – apparently security cams caught footage of an international criminal known as Havoc as one of the attackers. Havoc, John, and Basilisk had killed all of the Triad before the escape. Since John was captured and Basilisk was killed, that means Havoc is still on the loose. He then adds Anna Michelakos to the conversation – she informs the team in very unfriendly terms that she will require their cooperation in capturing Havoc. The team reluctantly agrees, moreso due to her attitude than her goals, and sets up information sharing. She is also given listen privileges to the teams Tac-Net to make it easier.

This was actually a very long game – all players were given 6 CP. Chris (Daiichi) was voted MVP and earned a 7th.
Daiichi Journal 1

Daiichi discovers a new power and muses on his new job.

I stopped eating 3 days ago. In fact I can’t really remember the last time I was hungry. I know I eat or have in the past but I think this is just one more way of this stupid alien to strip away my humanity. Now instead of eating I get compulsions to stab myself with a fork every few hours.

So I began working with this guy Terrance. I know we are all supposed to bring something to the table and he is supposed to be some kind of psyche but i have not actually seen him do anything. Correction, I saw him get shot and if it was not for me I am sure he would have died. Well, in his defense I got shot as well but I did it on purpose.

So this is the second crime scene that I have worked on since I began this MCU job and i don’t really see the point. After all we are the ones that shot them. I think they might just have me working these scenes to keep me busy and I think I am going to let them. The office is boring but I still don’t want to go outside. I am not a fan of the idea of being milked like a cow for the rest of my long life. Or worse experimented on. I will keep doing this as long as they can keep me safe. Well as safe as jumping in front of people that are shooting at me can be.

This was Daiichi’s first Journal
* Daiichi earned 1 XP
An Old Friend
Game 2 - 9/22/12

The team splits to attempt to shake down a Triad leader for information and arrest Kasumi Mayu on suspicion of involvement.

A quick morning debriefing split the team up – Nguyen, Crowe, and Stark were to go arrest Kasumi Mayu while Brock, Daiichi, and Terrance were sent to Fat Panda, a restaurant some of the interrogated terrorists had given up as a safe house for the Triad. Pete was to stay behind and coordinate the groups from the office, assisting with technical issues remotely.

When Jennifer, Malcolm, and Caleb arrived at the apartment – after a short debacle at the entrance, as the security guard was reluctant to let them in until Caleb flashed his ID, they headed up to the apartment. Jennifer scouted it in her wraith form before letting the others in – it was empty. The three looked around the apartment – which appeared as more of an office than a home – finding bits of information related to neuroscience. Oddly enough, there were even medical documents on Caleb himself laying around.

After a quick look, Jennifer excused herself to the bathroom, and the others could hear her crying. While Caleb ignored it, Malcom went to speak with her. In the short conversation she revealed the nature of her contractor remuneration – it requires her to cry – specifically from feeling sorrow.

They decided to simply wait in the apartment for Kasumi to return.

Meanwhile, at the Fat Panda, things were going a little bit differently. After sitting and eating some breakfast, Brock and Terrance appearing very out of place in China Town (and Brock having great difficulty trying to order), they are invited upstairs. Terrance and Daiichi head up, leaving Brock downstairs, they meet Fu Chang. She neither confirms no denies her ties to the Triad, though that isn’t what the group was really after. They learn that she has no information about the terrorists being told to come here if they escaped the tower. They harass her for a short while longer, and she reveals that she is the sister of the late Johnny Chang – and further reveals that he’s not quite dead. Instead, he’s been rebuilt in the same way that Caleb was – and now goes by the moniker “Basilisk”. She reveals that thinks there is someone who might know about the attack though. Terrance, who was inside her head, managed to get a couple images of a man before she started forcing herself to think about other things (he had already demonstrated his psyche powers to her earlier). Obviously afraid of giving up information on this guy, she lashes out and orders her guards to attack. The two trained men take Terrance and Daiichi down in a split second – Terrance getting to within an inch of death.

Terrance literally was 1 hit point from making a HT check for death after a single burst from one guard’s pistol. Just for fun, he rolled an HT check to see if he would have passed – and he wouldn’t have! Close call!
Fortunately, they were not aware of Daiichi’s powers. As his blood spilled all over Terrance, it began its healing work right away. Brock, hearing the gunshots from upstairs. He heard the two guards run to the stairs knowing that he was down there and would have to expose himself to get a shot on them. Instead, he simply started blind firing through the walls – he was much taller than the throngs of people running to the door, so while it was difficult, he shot until he heard the two of them slump down. Terrance and Daiichi, still hurting but still healing, came out to find the two guards dead, and Fu surrendered and allowed them to arrest her.

Back at Kasumi’s place, she arrived home. She smiled when she saw them waiting for her, and volunteered herself for arrest. There was some dialogue in the van on the way back, and Kasumi explained that she had been trying to find Caleb because she wanted to help repair the damage she had done. She explained that the reason she was at the tower on the day of the attack was to retrieve some cybernetics programming – Hyperspectral Vision Processing software. Upon inspecting what she retrieved, she discovered that it was basically her code that she had written for the Triad. While the group was contemplating the ties between the Triad and Link Technologies they got the call from Pete about the fight that had broken out in China town and that they were instructed to go help get that scene secured.

With Kasumi still in custody, they went to the scene of the gun fight at the Fat Panda. There, Brock chewed Terrance out for not following his orders, and they all returned to base. The chief asked to speak with Kasumi, while Jennifer took the rest to the morgue where autopsies had performed on the ambulance flyers that John had killed. Inspecting the bodies, one was killed by blunt trauma, while the other was stabbed with a silver blade. Some quick pilfering through his wallet showed he wore a silver necklace – so the party came to the conclusion that it was possible that John was a contractor who could manipulate metal.

Somewhere around here Malcolm had a conversation with Daiichi about his contract as well, though I couldn’t hear everything they discussed.

When they returned to base, they learned that Kasumi would be acquitted of charges and would be working for the MCU now, and restoring Caleb to full functionality would be her primary role. The Cheif then spoke privately with Brock, where he discussed his relation to Nakamura and his request. The chief agreed to assist if the man had not hurt anybody, as the potential information from Nakamura could very valuable. He would not allow him to go free if he had harmed anybody, however. Tech forensics hadn’t yet given him the enemy TacCom report, so he didn’t know the status of this yet.

Everybody earned 3 XP by default for this game.
* Brock earned 1 bonus XP for being voted MVP
Malcolm's Journal - Entry 1

Malcolm ponders the lives he’s taken and the motivations of the enemy.

Jan 17th, 2036

The first day out with my new life has been an exciting and thrilling but also a terrible and devastating day. Not really even a whole day – just the first night on the “job”. My hands are now covered in blood for I’ve killed several men today and I have to wonder what lesson I’m supposed to take from this. My life to this point has been a fairly peaceful one, the only killings before have been through my disciplines, simulations if you will for the mind to prepare me for this. The path I’ve chosen is a harsh one but I don’t regret it. The only thing is that I have to wonder if I’m killing for the right side. The doctrine of this terrorist group speaks to me. I can understand protecting the weak and that being a responsibility of those with power, I can understand taking drastic measures to accomplish great things, and I can understand being weak and finding out you can be so much more. What I am having problems with is the fixation on money being the way out, being the “power” and the measures they’re taking. How will killing the wealthy change anything? Will their deaths make a difference? And if the balance tips how will the new tyrant be better than the old?

Well, enough of these distractions. I have my own goals and I will focus on my beliefs for now and we’ll see how things are run on a deeper level with the terrorist later as we get more information. Learn, Grow, Expand.

This is Malcolm’s first Journal Entry.

* Malcolm earned 1 XP
Enigma of the Contractor
Metagame Interlude

Now that he has access to the MCU offices, Malcolm wastes no time in looking for information on contractors. With two in the unit, he starts his research close to home…

It was a hectic day, but the events haven’t fazed Malcolm too much. He knows too, that he can’t let this distract him from his mission – he needs to learn about the contractors. He decides the best place to start looking would be right next to him. Two contractors on the team with him, both used their powers tonight. Once they had finished gathering evidence from the scene of the crime, they headed back to the MCU base to decide on their plan of action for the next day. With their goals for the day set, they split up to get some sleep before the next days events.

This was the perfect time. Activating his invisibilty, Malcolm went and quietly jacked his suit into a computer and started scanning through some files on his HUD. It took a few minutes, but he found was he was looking for.



















He was disappointed that he wasn’t able to get more information, but he did find some leads on Jennifer’s past that may lead him to what hes looking for…

It was time to head out.

Part of Malcolm’s side-story is that he is gathering info on the contractors for the Proteans. We conducted this session semi-metagame at work.

  • Malcolm earned 2 CP
The First Day - Investigation

With the events of the night over, the team stays to investigate the crime scene and look for clues that may lead them to the mastermind of this heinous attack…

Security Cameras

Though the security cameras were all destroyed, Pete Yoshiharu had a hunch to check the cameras. He assumed that anybody worth investigating would be using fake ID’s, so he wanted to run them through the sihlouette server. Because it would be a pain to configure a good encryption on the data back to the MCU headquarters, he decided to run the query through Caleb’s internal computer since its already encrypted. Going back a week in the system there were two people that showed up that shouldn’t have been.

One was the man who called himself David Jonathan Hanks, came in dressed as a worker, scanned an ID at the entrance that validated. Following his progress through the building, it was clear he was just scouting. This occured 4 seperate days prior to the attack.

The other, Pete didn’t recognize at all – it was Caleb that recognized Kasumi Mayu.

She as well scanned an ID and was granted access to the building. Her route was much more deliberate – she went to one computer, connected a portable computer, disconnected it and promptly left.

Caleb took the image from the feed and compiled a 3-D rendering of it fairly easily. He was able to run it through comparisons with traffic cameras and there have been many sightings of her in the South Park area, however he was unable to locate any specific places she visited often. Perhaps someone with more experience would be able to pin down some locations to investigate.

Kasumi Mayu

Pete looks into the computer that Kasumi was using. You find that she copied all information regarding Hyperspectral Imaging Software that the company was working on. Its a piece of software that helps cyberized individuals make more sense of video input from multiple simultaneous light spectrums.

She left behind a single file. Most of it is encrypted, but there is a message, “For Stark.” When loaded into his system, it automatically decrypts the remainder of the message. “Come and find me, here is my address.” and lists an address in the South Park area.

Forensics and Background Checks

Daiichi spent the day collecting bullet casings, calculating trajectories, and analyizing blood splatters. This data, coolated with the video footage from the unit’s TacComms, should make convictions of the goons fairly simple.

Malcolm, upon investigation into the goons, discovered that most of them have known ties to the Triad – though none were formal members as far as you are able to determine.

John Escapes

Unfortunately, one of the assailants never made it to custody. “John” was being transported by ambulance to a high security wing of a local hospital specifically for patients under police care, but the ambulance never made it – it crashed a mile or so away from the hospital.

When police arrived at the scene, the EMTs were dead, however “John’s” body was not found. Jennifer Nguyen has already had the Cheif issue a warrant for his arrest and police are activly searching for him.

Pete checked the cameras around the site of the crash and found that he left in an ambulance, with two EMTs and two police officers. The EMT appeared to be driving normally, sirens active, when it suddenly began to rock back and forth as if there was a struggle. It suddenly veered off course and crashed into the ground. The rear doors flung open with tremendous force, and John walked out with what appears to be minor injuries. He held what looked like a knife to someone (although you’re sure that he had no weapons on him when he was interred, and they are not standard issue for police, nor should there be any that size in an ambulance), took there cell phone and made a call. The receiving phone had some high level security on it, so you’re unable to see where the call was made too. The encryption is strong but not complicated – you can write a program to break it, it will just take a few days to brute force. The only thing you can currently see is that it went through a cell tower near the airport.

Jennifer will check out the autopsy of the people killed in the crash.

The Outside Contact

One other lead was found. The man who was sitting at the window upstairs was using a line of sight communicator. Daiichi traced that back to the source, and found it in an empty room in an apartment building. The only object in the room was the other end of the receiver, and it had only a single finger print on it – one that matched Caleb Stark’s thumb print.

Video surveilance of the building is unable to determine when anybody entered or left this room.

Malcolm Suspects Eric Page

Malcolm suspects that Eric Page may have had a hand in the attack. He doesn’t want to tip him off that he’s a suspect, however, so he’s suggesting that surveillance be put on him under the pretense of “for his protection” while you do research to see if he has any connections to other leads. Pete begins setting up some surveillance on him.

Psychic Interrogation

Terrance drills the 11 in custody with questions, while probing their mind for the truth even as some lie to his face.

The meat of his interrogation is that he learns that all of these soldiers (henceforth referred to as “Goons”) were underpaid and held tenuous connections to the Triad. None of them had any idea about Noblesse Oblige (the ones who did the “paint job” were all killed in the storm of the 8th floor.)

They did give up a safe house that they were to use. It was likely abandoned with the Triad learned that their goons were captured, but there may be some clues left behind.

His conclusion is that the Goons were from the Triad, but not full members. They were likely sent as fodder with no intention from their employer that they would return.

Connection to the Triad

Pete investigates the Triad safe house that the goons gave up. You are surprised to see that it doesn’t look like the attack has put them in panic. Its a run of the mill chinese restraunt, but even at first glance you can see a well to do chinese woman with two body guards going into the building. If you look over the last several days, this is the normal time she arrives each day. One of the body guards is tagged by your Silhouette as being a known member of the Triad, early released from prison on good behaivior for attempted murder.

Connection between the Murdered

Terrance looked into the connections between those who were killed. There was nothing that one wouldn’t expect between people of their station. He comes to the conclusion they were killed more for what they represent then who they individually are.

Brock Observes the Team

Brock arrives on the scene. His skills are more useful for dealing with people, so he decides to just watch the team and evaluate their activities for the day.

The investigation was just a ton of dependent skill checks really so I decided to simply do it as a metagame via facebook posts. This was the result. Everybody was awarded XP based on their contribution.

* Brock earned 1 CP.
* Daiichi earned 2 CP.
* Terrance earned 4 CP.
* Malcolm earned 2 CP.
* Caleb earned 1 CP.
* Pete earned 4 CP.

Unfortunately, Petes player has since had a baby and probably won’t be rejoining us. He’ll stay on as an NPC unless he becomes available again somehow.
Brock Arrives
Brock's Prelude - 9/22/12

As soon as word got to Old Japan that the unit had been activated early, Brock was on a plane. There was a small event at the airport upon his arrival..

Brock was walking through the airport terminal when his phone began to ring. He answered it and it was his contact on the line – Hiroko Nakamura. The man spoke sternly, obviously worried. He explained that his nephew had been with the group of Triad that had attacked Link Technologies tower the night before – an infiltrator. He explained to Brock that if he wasn’t able to get him released, their working arrangement could become more..difficult. While he discussed this he heard a familiar voice call out his name. Zoey ran up and gave him a big hug. He quickly ended the conversation with Nakamura and turned his attention to Zoey. She told him his boss said that he was coming home and he thought it’d be a good idea to see him.

Brock was apparently quite paranoid about the whole event – he gleaned around the terminal looking for anyone out of place. There was a young girl with two men following her that looked like body-guards, but they seemed to be paying no attention to him or Zoey.

Brock took her to a safe place outside of town, happy to see her but still worried she was in danger. After contacting the Chief to ensure it really was him that sent her, he finally relaxed. He had work to do though, so he said his goodbyes and headed back to the office.

Brock’s “Dependant” roll came up, and I didn’t have any other way to work her into the game so I turned it into an individual prelude for him instead.

Brock earned 2 XP from this.

First Day
Game 1 - 6/12/12

The First Day of the MCU turned out to be more active than anyone could have expected. An attack on the Link Technologies headquarters started what will clearly be a long investigation.


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